Palm Centro first comes to Sprint

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Palm Centro first comes to Sprint
First press shot of the Palm Centro appeared, making the phone look better than in the earlier blurry spy-photos. The rumors claim that it will launch first with Sprint in October, for $99 with 2-year contract. Sprint will have 90 days exclusive on the youth-targeted EV-DO device which will be the smallest Treo, but still packing touch-sensitive display and QWERTY.

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1. argonnj unregistered

Same tired OS, smaller, unusable keys, still think. I don't see the improvement.

2. Josh unregistered

..but I like it

3. old school unregistered

looks post treo 600

4. Tony unregistered

Ive been looking at the treo just could not bring my self to buy one because it was too bulky and not sleek looking enough for me. Soo now that palm decided to make a thinner phone i cant wait to get one

5. Mark unregistered

they should've kept the Palm OS and why did they get rid of the touchscreen???? Also why is everything on Sprint, and should be AT&T

6. Ryan unregistered

I read where it will have touchscreen and I just bought the 755p, but I am going to return it and purchase the Centro when it comes out. Hopefully soon! I don't see any changes really other than the size of it which needed to be reduced badly!

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