PacketVideo turns your Wi-Fi phone into a TV

PacketVideo turns your Wi-Fi phone into a TV
The San Diego based, PacketVideo introduced a pocket broadcast receiver, which decodes digital TV signal and broadcasts it to any Wi-Fi capable cell phone or portable media player. The device formats the signal to match the one supported by the receiving phone, which allows users to subscribe to premium TV services, offered by their carriers, without having to upgrade their device. Versions supporting all major mobile broadcast standards, including, MediaFLO, DVB-H, TDtv and WiMAX will be available. The mini broadcast receiver by PacketVideo is scheduled to be commercially available later this year.

source: PacketVideo via EngadgetMobile



1. David A. unregistered

looks like the top of it has an HDMI port, stream HD wirelessly, sounds like a waste to me. but i guess ill see what this thing can do.

2. EDWARDSERNA28 unregistered

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