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Oscars apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android

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Oscars apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android
The bankrupt Kodak wiggled out of its $4 million annual fee to have its name on Hollywood Theatre, but that doesn't mean this will be the only drama at this year's Oscars edition.

From "note to self" movie checklists, through dissecting Billy Crystal's host performance, to who starved for three months to get into that sexy designer dress, the Oscars are a show that pins millions in front of the TV each year. 

Before the invention of apps, that is - nowadays as much attention is paid to following the #Oscars hashtag on Twitter and the Facebook chatter, or quickly peeping for details behind each movie and its actors on your phone or tablet, as it is for actually watching the show. Here's list of a few apps that will make the show more enjoyable by arming you with inside skits, laughs and Oscars trivia.

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