Oppo's latest iPhone clone packs a hi-spec selfie camera

Oppo has gotten a rep for ripping off the design of Apple's iPhone, a trend that continues with the new F1 Plus..
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12. Obádárà

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33. justrt

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Me too.. But even if the copy bets original, we can't deny it it's copy

16. Odeira

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Y'all are completely missing the point when PA said the new Oppo is a direct "iPhone clone!" There are literally infinite ways to make a phone look like, well, a phone. Oppo chose to DIRECTLY copy the features of an already established design, but y'all come here complaining "Apple wasn't first with this design," that's not the point; They could have made it differently but it DIRECTLY COPIED A PRE-EXISTING DESIGN! That would be like a German TV station directly copied The Big Bang Theory nearly ONE-TO-ONE - the setting, the plot lines, the characters, the dialogue, the whole nine, but shuffle the jobs of the protagonists and put a bit of CGI and deviated just a tiny bit, and then claims it's an "original concept," it's a direct clone!

18. htcisthebest

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That is one cute chick in the thumbnail ;)

20. TechieXP1969

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Where are all the Samsung haters who claim Samsung phones look like iPhone? Here is a phone that looks nearly 100% identical to the iPhone 6/6S and not one of you are saying a word. HAH. More proof that you guys (using Darkkjedi words), "Have a hard-on for Samsung". Liek the iPhone, this phone is a nice looking device. But its hardly a clone. After all, if you "clone" something, that clone would have the same imperfections and limitations. This "clone" is better since it runs Android. The iPhone wished it was this good software-wise. But these OEM's should think of ways to design their phone without looking exactly like an iPhone. If Samsung can do it with their phones, surely these guys can too. Its so annoying. Looking like an iPhone isnt goign to get you more sales, except in country's where people can't afford an iPhone and having a clone that no one can tell isnt an iPhone is somehow a great alternative. Ain't nothing like the real thing!

24. sissy246

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It's more Samsung in the front, iphone in the back.

27. monoke

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Must be painful for Apple to see these clones that look even better than there own. Good design oppo, even if it's imitated.

35. drahcir02

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More like Samsung and other Chinese OEM's handset.
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