OnePlus 6 could have a notch, glass back and a new way to multitask

The new OnePlus 6 will likely have a notch, a glass display and a new way to multitask...
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1. antroid

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First why bring the notch to every phone. Thank God Samsung didn't copy this "feature" to their S9. Second why create a massive phone with 6.3 inch screen?!? also the aspect ratio is a bit odd too it's almost like a mini tablet and not a phablet any more

3. DolmioMan

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I don’t understand how you think the notch it’s self is a feature. It’s a compromise of stretching the display all the way to the top of the phone. Some people prefer that over having an extra tall phone because of bezels on each end, hence why the S8 is taller than the iPhone X

5. RebelwithoutaClue

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Since he placed feature between "" means he doesn't consider it one. And it's a very big compromise. Not only aesthetically but also functionally.

9. yalokiy

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You're not alone man. I also think notch is better than having a taller device. Also, the notch takes unused space in status bar, so it doesn't bother. When watching videos or photos in landscape mode it doesn't take useful space, as there are black bars on both sides of 19:9 screen.

15. ShadowUnleashed

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Only if you don't wanna use the full screen. I love watching movies on my S8+ using the entire screen, and I'm quite thankful for not having anything entering the display to distract me.

16. yalokiy

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I've got an s8, so I know what you speak about, but it's a compromise because you lose parts of video from top and bottom. On side note, I prefer watching movies on my tablet (9.7"screen) or laptop (13.3" screen).

17. ShadowUnleashed

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I know, but we can also stretch the video so nothing will be cropped, only stretched. Most of the times it doesn't bothers me. And I'd rather lose a bit on the vertical side than to have something nudging on the screen.

12. Wiencon

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Because if Apple does that it's good idea

2. dubaiboy78

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4. biagnosis

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RIP OP6. Not saying RIP OP because OP7 might not have a notch, or whatever. Who knows.

8. Sammy_DEVIL737

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Yup OP7 will also not have notch as Apple is removing it from their succesor of iPhone X. (Just guessing)

6. shield

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LG V10 first new Mutitasking in second screen OPPO aka Oneplus copy.

7. Foxgabanna

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Apple always knows what we want.

10. kanagadeepan

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Why NOT use the bottom bezel and totally avoid the notch ??? smh...

11. jove39

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Hmmm...let’s hope they copied notch from Essential instead of Apple.

13. kalimaca

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Here's a secret function of the notch, you know which side is the ear piece when you pick up the phone in a dark place.

14. SmartPhoneMobiles

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Go the HELL with s**tTY notches chinese manufs !!! Jesus christ Apple did disgusting mistake and u even copying THAT That is really SAD, LOW and PATHETIC !!!

18. path45th

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boring trimmed bezels = OUT notches = IN