Opera Mobile 9.5 is here!

Opera Mobile 9.5 is here!
Opera announced its new Opera Mobile 9.5, which will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next week. According to Opera, the new version reengineers the Presto layout engine technology for much faster page rendering, completely redesigns the user interface for more intuitive user experience. Features include panning, zoom and the new Opera Widgets, which take data from sites (such as Flickr, Google Maps, CIA World Factbook) without using the browser itself. Opera Mobile 9.5 will be available on all major platforms including Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux, as both a standalone browser and as a SDK.

source: Opera via Engadget



1. Horsey unregistered

What Opera should do is they should lower the amount of MB's a webpage is so that internet will be cheaper.

2. unregistered

sure, they could do that. All they would have to do would be to block all txt, cookies, java,flash, pix, and anything else besides text.. heck, why not block the text too, that way it would be zero MB.. how many MB a page is, is up to a developer, not the broswer.. genius

3. Tek unregistered

Opera Mobile 9.5 is NOT here! It's ALMOST ready for beta but not yet. Got my hopes up and then you dashed them. No valentine's day presents for you!

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