Only in Japan: NTT DoCoMo SH-01D unveiled with a 4.5-inch 720p display and a pack of features

Japan is the land of weird avant-grade phones and often designs, and this here NTT DoCoMo SH-01D furthers that notion with its neat rectangular design and 720p 4.5” display…
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27. Hunt3rj2

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What's really sad though is that this phone will never have a decent dev community.

32. hallfrankg

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Sounds like youi two guys need to get a room! then you can fight it out over cocktails and crackers

33. nightmare

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all ios does is launch apps,n with all the control apple has on that OS its feels lyk u hav rented the phone.its never fully yours so that to me= crap.and if icrap users dont care wat i think how about they ask the market(hehe worst nightmare)

34. rendHELL

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35. bormann

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Here is the Docomo SH-01D hi-res photo review: SH-01D user interface screenshots set:

36. bormann

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