One of the first Verizon iPhones received by a customer in Indiana

All the Verizon iPhone pre-order customers are due to receive their devices early in the week, but one eager beaver in Indiana took the initiative and picked it up early, before they went out for general distribution...
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32. fedex courier unregistered

apple doesnt only use ups for their shipments, I've delivered apple products and picked up apple products from their store.

34. Moet007 unregistered

I wasn't going to watch the video until I read all the comments and it compelled me to. On 1 hand it is kinda sad and pathetic someone gets this anxious for a phone, on the other hand everyone has their joys in life. So let's let him enjoy it...the only real sad part is the wife's reaction and the need they had to video tape the

35. dieselsurfer unregistered

I was thinking, what if the dude set it all up! not like it is that hard to use an old box and open it from the bottom, from there he could put in the verizon magalog and iphone 4 box, tape up the bottom. Open it from the top and give the apperance that it was right out of the box...You would have to have just a little too much free time on your hands to do that....just saying lol.

36. drizzy unregistered

fat fucker get a life...i hope it crashes within a week

37. Joe unregistered

Got my phone today but when I activated it I got activated on another number not on my account and I got a 16 GB instead of the 32 GB that was on the box. I guess Apple and Verizon did not know how big this was going to be.
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