Old Nokia feature phones find demand as sex toys

Old Nokia feature phones find demand as sex toys
A new survey on female masturbation conducted in India, has revealed a whole new niche use for Nokia's old feature phones. It seems that the vibrating components used on older models like the Nokia 3310 (the original unit, not the new 2017 version) are so powerful that women are using the phones to replace their personal vibrators. On the Agents of Ishq website, 100 women responded to the survey with several stating that they use their old Nokia feature phone to pleasure themselves.

Somehow, we can't see Nokia including this information in a television ad as a special feature of the phone. As to why this might have caught on in India, it appears that in some countries vibrators are hard to come by.

Nokia wouldn't comment on the story, although other manufacturer's feature phones apparently work just as well. According to the Homemade Sex Toys website, any phone with an alarm clock feature and a vibrating alert can be used. One recommendation suggests that women should set the alarm to go off on one of these phones every minute for as long as they think it will take to achieve a happy ending. Any setting that sets off the vibration alarm will come in handy

The same website suggests that when women trade up from a feature phone to a smartphone, they keep the old device as a dedicated sex toy. "Having a sex-only cell phone vibrator also means you can keep your everyday cell phone pristine. You won't have to worry that it smells funky, or feel weird if you let a friend talk on it," says the Homemade Sex Toys website.

source: AgentsofIshq, HomemadeSexToys, @survy_mash via CNET


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