Official file manager for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available

So much for a revised June release, the team at Microsoft were able to get the new official file manager...
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27. StraightEdgeNexus

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first choice of ios users...

21. Furbal unregistered

Sweet, easier to find the high res photos on my 1520 now.

28. dr.c33

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Now that there is a real file manager, I'm more convinced to switch back to WP. To those who claim that WP8 had always had 3rd party file managers, please actually try to use them on your WP8 (not WP8.1) device. They did not have all the features of a real file manager. For instance, Pocket Explorer for WP8 could not open videos from the SD card. Why is that? it's not that the app was poor (since the developer is always active on WPCentral). It's simply because WP8 OS closed down the access to the sandboxed file system from WITHIN the phone. There was no reason to make it so restricted since the file system can be access from your computer anyways. Microsoft finally realized that if we can access the Documents, Music and the other folders from our computer, it won't hurt to allow access from our phone itself. To be honest, it's a smart move. This is the file manager that the general public needs since we do not need to see the gazillion folders when we open up a file manager on Android. But WP fanboys are too blinded by the non-existent File Manager. Average users don't need access to the root files, they just need to manage (compress/delete/move) their own files. If WP 8.1 + update gives more features, and by that I mean useful ones like USB OTG, I'm moving back to the more polished OS for sure. But for now, Android is just more of a versatile system.

30. dorian827

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Downloaded the "Files" app on my secondary Lumia 520 with Windows Phone 8.1. Works brilliant, its smooth, its fast, user interface is clean and amazing. Been waiting for this for so long. Now on my primary Lumia 520 its only Windows Phone 8, with the paid File Manager and it sucks so bad in comparison to Files.

32. antonioli

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34. SaulGoodman

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*slow clap*
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