Official: DROID BIONIC release date is scheduled for the summer, coming with enhancements

A few days ago we exclusively informed you there is a great likelihood that the handset which we met as the Motorola DROID BIONIC at CES 2011...
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30. WDBJ unregistered

Who dislikes almost every comment??? Dont hate on the Bionic

32. LWallace unregistered

The Bionic was a nice "idea" but its nice to see that Motorola took notice that the Targa was just going to be a better phone all around. How can you compete with 13mp? God newbs like you make me sick

33. WDBJ unregistered

I wonder who Lwalace is????? hmmmmm haha

34. LWallace unregistered

Dude, you have no idea who I am. SO about Google, think about it. Good Luck!

31. StillStuckWithDroid unregistered

Yeah I don't think this was that hard to sniff out. The Etna had problems....sounds like Battery/power issues and the fixes were going to take them too close to the release of the Targa. The two phones are actually quite a bit similar spec wise (Size,Screen Type and Res,Processor,OS) with the Targa having more upgrades. There would be no reason to mass produce a phone that people wouldn't be buying in favor of the better phone. So Moto made the decision to kill off the Etna and replace it with the Targa.....rather than send two phones at the same time and have one draw from the others market share. The big problem for me is if it takes it past the date that Verizon institutes its new data package policy.....we all KNOW that is coming somewhat soon. I want to jump on something LTE before that happens to get grandfathered in. Hopefully they get this to market somewhat soon

35. Hazazel unregistered

I have a friend that works for verizon and this information was unofficially confirmed by someone in the back office at verizon but they have said the bionic will be revamped but maintain its name and be released sometime in early august. We all know its probably not going to be that soon but thats what i heard so far

37. Sean unregistered

I don't understand why Motorola isn't publishing any information as to the status of the Motorola Bionic and it's approximate release date. Are they just trying to be uncommunicative and vague? If they owed a brain they would come up with SOMETHING to possibly persuade their potential future customers to hold off buying a competitors product now. I think it's great that they have decided to hold off the release of the Bionic to resolve issues but keeping everything under wraps does nothing but piss off customers. Do they care?

39. millenniumccdc unregistered

I own the droid global. I wish it was there was an epic 4G dual core option for Verizon. The galaxy S2 comes close minus the keyboard. With devices approaching the 600 price point without contract they should just be able to make this a reality. DLNA is not a replacement option for HDMI. Verizon is great for call quality or else I would have jumped to the greener pasture and bought an epic 4G.(then root). OMAP5 you ain't seen nothing yet!!!!

40. dario4g unregistered

I got Best Buy Buy Back Program so I am selling my Thunderbolt and getting he bionic and then doing the same thing with that and then getting the next big thing
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