October security update beta available for all BlackBerry Priv models except those from Verizon

The very first Android powered BlackBerry, the Priv, has received an update that can be installed from the beta zone. The update includes the monthly Android security patches from Google, for October. The AT&T version carries a model number of AAG873. All other versions, including factory unlocked models, will be able to install software version AAG853. Both updates will weigh in at 157MB...
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34. meanestgenius

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The dunce would be you since you constantly comment on something you don't use and have zero experience with, speaking from a point of ignorance. But that's why you trolls do, anyway.

29. meanestgenius

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Oh, btw, why don't you give this a listen: http://utbblogs.com/utb-blogcast-action-overreaction/ Alphageek and the others there had a good laugh about you, especially how you keep saying he and I are one in the same. Lmao! #Burned

31. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Uh what? That doesn't...are you on drugs? Really potent drugs?

35. meanestgenius

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Bumburned because I just proved your BS wrong.

3. EC112987

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Being they only have 2 android devices I'm sure it's a bit easier (just guessing) but great job nonetheless
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