Nokia's new L'Amour fashion phones

Nokia 7380


We already reported about the successor of the original 7280 pen-like phone - the 7380. The latest device from the L'Amour series again lacks regular numeric keypad, and uses an iPOD styled dial. Measuring only 4.49" x 1.18" x .79" (114mm x 30mm x 20mm) with weight of about 2.82 oz (80g), the 7380 is definately an eye-catcher. The camera has be upped to 2.0 mega pixel one. The phone's mirrored screen hides resolution of 104 x 208 pixles with up to 65000 colors. The tri-band GPRS/EDGE capable phone works on 900/1800 and 1900 Mhz GSM networks.

The centrepiece of the L'Amour Collection, the Nokia 7380 is aimed at trend-setting men and women who enjoy being the centre of attention - and are willing to spend a little extra ($600 USD or 500 EU) on the finer things in life.



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