Nokia to lay off approximately 615 employees

Nokia to lay off approximately 615 employees
Nokia has today announced plans to lay off approximately 450 staff in it's Markets unit, 130 staff from the Nokia Research Center, and 35 staff from it's global process operations.

"Today's changes are part of Nokia's constant renewal where it is important to be close to our customers and ensure that our people are able to focus on the key business priorities. Also, our aim is to find alternative work within Nokia for as many employees as possible," said Juha Äkräs, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Nokia (pictured).

These changes are in spite of Nokia's continued global market share increases in Q3 2008, but with the current challenging financial environment perhaps this drive to cut costs is not too surprising.

source: Nokia



1. unregistered

Refreshing to see a little less whining and a little more pursuit of excellence... Businesses are just that, businesses. Not day care for big babies who add no value to the organization.

2. unregistered

yeah, lets see you say that if you were to lose your job because of a corperation being greedy, bet you wouldn't make such a douche bag remark

3. pachi unregistered

Is it because the N96 is like 900 bucks and no one is buying it?AHAHAH

4. Giduthuri unregistered

Nokia, Instead releasing more devices. Try working on updating the existing devices Software and let users allow upgrading to fancy stuff.. =... Nokia TUBE wat a lol. =... Nokia music Xpress model - lol again =... Nokia N810 .- y dont u add a SIM function like HTC Shift/advantage =... Nokia N96 .- Tooo costly and only 4 hours of bk up =... Maximum models other than those use BL-5C have an average of 4 hours back up =... Y the hell users should buy Nokia.. God bless NOKIA..

5. unregistered

i hate when stuff like this happens. yeah Nokia will save some money but in today's world companies liked to be viewed in the sense that its not as much about money as it is about good service. doing something like this is making a statement. the statement of "we dont care about how we affect our employees lives but just how we will make more money" and it seems to me like Nokia is a large enough company to not have to do layoffs period. i saw it happen as a former circuit city employee way too often, a little more understandable seeing as how ccity is so unprofitable, but Nokia? never saw it coming. its dispicable in every way. when people see this article...some anyway who have been through corporate layoffs....they will lose support. im a big nokia fan, but not after this.

6. unregistered

noooo my job!!!

7. unregistered

So 130 staff from the research center and 35 staff from it's global process operations that equals 165. 450-165=285 Therfore 285 more employees are going to be layed off, Wow that is dissapointing that is just wrong I wouldnt work for Nokia after they pulled this one off

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