Nokia takes us on an old-tech journey to a colorful finish

Hey did you hear that Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices and Services division? It has only been in the tech media pretty much non-stop since it was announced last year. Well the deal closed and in case you forgot, Nokia put together a nifty little video to remind you.  It starts with the legendary Nokia 3310 handset setting off a Rube Goldberg contraption.

The journey is a predicable chain of events taking us through the evolution of technology culminating with a Lumia 920 Windows Phone taking a wagon ride to a sparkle finish reminding us that “everything just became a lot more colorful.”

Of course, the symbolism of using a Rube Goldberg machine is that every piece plays a critical role in order for the whole thing to work. Nokia is reassuring everyone that the whole gang at Microsoft (old and new) is going to make things work together “perfectly.”


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