Nokia shuts down subscription-based Comes With Music on phones

Nokia shuts down subscription-based Comes With Music on phones

Nokia is shutting down its subscriptions to unlimited music known as Comes With Music or Ovi Music Unlimited on most markets citing a lack of traction. A total of 27 markets will soon be left without the service, while the only markets that will continue offering the 12-month subscription are China (where it was launched in April 2010), India and Indonesia.

The service was first launched in Britain in 2008, but never really took off. Some of the reasons might include the run-of-the-mill phones tied to the service and lack of carrier support. Nokia will still offer music as part of its Ovi Music effort. A spokesman for the company noted that “the markets clearly want a DRM-free music service." Unlike the Comes With Music subscription service, Ovi Music is exactly that – a DRM-free alternative. So much for one of the early iTunes competitors, but that wasn't much of a surprise, was it?

source: Reuters via Engadget

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