Nokia sells a record 7.4 million Lumia smartphones in Q2

Nokia has once again ramped up Lumia Windows Phone sales to a record 7.4 million in Q2 2013, up from 5.6 million in the first quarter of the year…
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17. Victor.H

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34. boosook

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Mmmh... all right, I was wrong, seems that the 7.4 millions were all Lumias. Anyway, I still have a doubt: that many of the 7.4 millions were old Symbian users that, loyal to Nokia, switched to a Lumia when they replaced their old phone. This is evident from the Nokia report, which says that the Lumia rise has been done completely at the expense of Symbian. In other words, they sold less smartphones, and only a part of old Symbian users switched to Lumia. So, is Nokia (and WP) able to attract NEW users? What will happen once the old Nokia users have all switched to Lumia? The truth is that we still don't know if people are buying Nokia or Windows Phone. My opinion is that they are buying Nokia, and this means that once all Symbian users have switched, Nokia will not attract new users if WP does not gain momentum. In other words, Microsoft is interpreting Nokia sales as WP rising, which could not be true. And it remains to be seen what these Lumia users will do in 2 years: if they see that WP is still used by a minority of users, will they remain loyal to Nokia?

40. -box-

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Considering they've been selling the Lumia range for a few years now, and few users switch phones every time a new phone comes out, there's a good chance many of the sales are "conquest" sales, as well as a few from loyal repeat customers. That said, yesterday I finally upgraded from my unlocked Lumia 900 and got a Lumia 925 (I'll wait for the T-Mobile Lumia 1020 to come and JUMP to it), so I'm a repeat buyer several times over.

18. kindlefireowner

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I own the stock. I think people are missing out on a low risk, high reward chance to make some cash down the road. Nokia is not going out of business. Nokia will be a solid third place with WP. Fandroids talk about innovation all the time. Waving your hand over the screen, moving your eyes for a second off the screen, are gimmicks. The camera on the 1025 is what I call innovation.

19. Victor.H

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Could not agree more. Actually, I wrote an article about Nokia stock being a great investment around the time it was at $3.6 apiece.

20. livyatan

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I see Nokia fans don't even bother reading through the article. Yep they have sold more Lumias, BUT the average price dropped big time - from 191€ to 157€. Also the NET SALES DROPPED, and they recorded a 33million loss. Count out the regular cash injectio(around $250million )n from Microsoft, and you still have a company operating with massive losses

27. EXkurogane

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The cash injection has already stopped. And Nokia has always depended on budget to midrange phones in their sales.

46. freebee269

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wrong, microsoft still gives nokia a quarterly payment. the quarterly loss comes out to 150 million total. (which is nothing to a company like nokia) but they still get their quarterly payment from microsoft so in terms of money they actually still came out on top. it's just the sales that declined a little bit and that happens to every company. this is why victor said in the article "The other big takeaway is that feature phone sales have declined, but the slump is not huge". it's the nature of the business.

21. ardavan

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Victor.H Your article is incorrect. Please correct. "average price of Lumia smartphones sold however has dropped sharply to 157 euro ($206) apiece, down from 191 euro average in the preceding quarter." Actually it wasn't. The smartphone ASP in Q1 was 191 EUR but the 0.5 million Symbians, mainly 808, raised the figure to 191. From Nokia's Q1 report: "The ASP of our Lumia products in the first quarter 2013 was EUR 182"

23. Victor.H

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Good point, thanks. The small amount of 808 PureViews sold lifted that number significantly.

41. -box-

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Fair point; the Lumia 1020, 925, and 928 models should help raise that a bit higher as well. With that in mind, more sales is good, as it gets folks into the brand (especially in developing markets) and they're more likely to get higher-end phones for future purchases, especially as their growing economies allow.

30. terabyteRouser

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I remember whenever one here was mad that Nokia abandoned their previous OS to go to Windows Phone.

33. itsdeepak4u2000

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Wow yippee, that's good news Nokia. Keep it up, I hope it will break this record in Q3, you will sell more than this in Q3 itself. All the best.

45. snowgator

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For those of us who love WP, this is great. For MS and it's 1 billion a year investment in Nokia to carry the WP banner, it is even better. For Mr. Elop, he may sleep for the first time since the "burning platform" memo of 2011-ish. Long time to go without snoozing.

55. jroc74

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I like you homo if you are a guy. LOL!! You praise WP, Nokia ..basically anyone ........without really dissing anyone else. Thats rare in the smartphone wars. Kudos. I am at a crossroads with Android because of Motorola. I need a phone that works good as a phone first, everything else is 2nd. That means Nokia and BB are my only other options...reception and all that jazz. And that means jumping ship to another platform if Moto doesnt give me what I want in the near future. I dont wanna compromise on things like storage and FM radio anymore. Good to see Nokia holding on. I ...might..... go the WP route or just use older Moto Android phones. I cant believe I even typed this....oh well.

61. dmn666

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Good job, Nokia! Now try to get rid of carrier exclusivity in North American market. Sales will surely boost by a good margin.

62. DigitalJedi_X2

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You Nokia/WP fanboys are hilarious! Nokia is LOSING MONEY. WP is gaining them NOTHING. That M$FT trojan horse Elop successfully caused the biggest downfall of any company in history! Is that really something to be proud of? No one wants WP save you few fanboys and Phonearena who seems to be riding the WP bandwagon. Probably because they're paid to. It's funny how you Nokia/WP fanboys jump all over other companies(BlackBerry, HTC, Sony) when they have weak quarters but when Nokia has the same weak quarter you guys are trying to make it seem like it's a good thing. WP is a SINKING SHIP. It's not going to save Nokia. Carriers DO NOT PUSH WP. They do the opposite. Nokia should NEVER have dumped Symbian and Meego. Ever. And now watch some WP/Elop fanboy come out and say that Nokia was going down hill with Symbian. Please do so I can prove you wrong.

63. kindlefireowner

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@Digital Jedi. Instead of posting like you have the skills to run a tech company. Grab your checkbook, write a check to a brokage company, then short Nokia stock. Put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise shout up. I love how you think you know more about what platform Nokia should be using than Nokia. Full Disclosure. I own Nokia stock. Why. Because I believe that come 2015, this will be an opportunity missed. My 2 cents on why Nokia went with WP, Long term they felt it was a better platform with more growth than Symbian.

64. xq10xa

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So funny when people copy comments they left on another thread. Also funny people are so prideful of a phone. A piece of plastic and metals that they will own for less than 2 years. People hate on companies succeeding and then laugh when companies go down. Amazing that people have nothing else better to do. I love phones. All of them. Except the LG Incite.

68. jameshoe unregistered

Let Apple deal with Samsung

69. FuckKoreanShit

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Apple sold a 37.4 mln iPhone in Q2 :dddddd

70. iWinDroid

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NOKIA 1110 sold 200million units :P

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