Nokia invests in better images

Nokia invests in better images
The venture capital department of Nokia has invested $1.5 million in the Japanese imaging software company Morpho Inc. The company specializes in developing applications for image enhancement and stabilization. Its products PhotoSolid and MovieSolid, demonstrate the picture quality (claimed to be much higher) that can be achieved by processing images and videos with them.

Nowadays, the importance of the camera package in a phone justifies the Nokia’s investment in such a company as Morpho.

source: Morpho Inc via SMS Text News



1. Enema unregistered

Nokia shouldn't be worried about improving image quality, they should be worried about going out of business. That Nokia Morph shit is a waste of time, just make some decent phones....oh yeah wait its Nokia. The person to comment after me is a pickle sniffer.

2. Chief unregistered

After a cool 1.5 million Nokia should be about bankrupt.

3. browns unregistered

how? nokia owns over 40% of the market. so 1.5 million is like pennies. youre all dumb

4. kal unregistered

yeah man u guys are idiots.... 1.5milion its nothing for a company like nokia. If it was 1.5 billion then we are talking about doing something serious.... they are just improving .... Plus nokia is #1 brand

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