Nokia debuts location-based 'Friend View'

Nokia debuts location-based 'Friend View'
Those that enjoy keeping others updated on their location will find Nokia's 'Friend View' an application of interest. The software offers a combination of blogging and location-based services, allowing the user to communicate their thoughts as well as their location. Not only can the blogger keep their status updated over the phone; they can also update their information through a web interface, accessible from any web-based computer. The tutorial makes it known that the application is a beta, and though it may not be completely ready for commercial launch, it is certainly functional.

So, the next time a friend calls about coffee, be sure to use Friend View - it will redefine the old phrase "meeting in the middle."

via IntoMobile



1. unregistered lame

2. unregistered

did he actually you can tell your friends "what, how and WHO you are doing" ... Hah I dont think they can figure out WHO ;-)

3. yoz unregistered

dis boy is from romania , best people.

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