Nokia announces MWC press conference, scheduled for February 24

Mobile World Congress 2014 is quickly approaching. In just a month's time, hordes of geeks from all over the world will gather in Barcelona drawn by their passion for mobile gadgets. We'll be there as well, of course, and one of the events we'll surely attend is the Nokia press conference, scheduled for Monday, February 24...
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Rod don't let it get to you. They are crazed to think that MS is going any where anytime soon hahaha. They are all here to stay Apple, Google, Microsoft & BlackBerry

30. rodneyej1

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Lol.. Yep!!!

31. zuckerboy

Posts: 898; Member since: Dec 22, 2011

android powered nokia!!!! waiting for it :D nokia deserves good os

33. quocthinh1709

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i think Windows Phone will become better, wait, wait, ...

35. bakarock

Posts: 57; Member since: Aug 29, 2013

this phone will sell better than lumia 525, even without google services... MOST people want nokia android phone, and this phone is based on highly optimized android 4.4.. CUNNING NOKIA...

37. 7thspaceman

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I'm interested in Nokia's last hurrah device release's before Microsoft and Nokia seal their Deal. If the Nokia Android powered "Normandy" is released before their Deal is sealed Folks it's a good bet Microsoft will have to support the "Normandy" if they are on sale before Microsoft takes over Nokia's devices and services mobile division. If it is not on the market place then Microsoft can cancel it's manufacturing. I do not think it would hurt Microsoft to offer an Android OS smart phone instead it would show that Microsoft is a Savvy corporation and sells different types of devices including Android devices to the Public in it's online store , Brick motor store and independent outlets like "Best Buy".
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