Nokia already teasing the "next major launch" for later this year

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is barely out the door and Nokia is already teasing the "next major launch" that is planned for later this year. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop casually tossed in the phrase during the question and answer section after today's announcement of the 1020. The idea that there would be another Nokia device this year isn't anything surprising, but...
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31. 7thspaceman

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This is the year Microsoft will at last give Windows 8 smartphones the abilities to use Quad core CPU's, 1080p screens, and use humongous large 5 to 6 inch screens, FM radio in Windows 8 smart phones that have the circuitry for it. Microsoft and Nokia will giving software updates to Windows smart phones that will make them have the features many people want, in 2014 there will be even more updates. yes this is the year Windows smart phones really get competitive And it's about time I agree with a lot of people that Microsoft has been too slow getting it';s smart phones to technology equality with other smart phones. I have a Verizon Nokia 928 I look forward to the coming software updates.

32. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

I am waiting to see what Nokia has to bring to the table concerning It's Windows 8 Tablet product entry. Nokia CEO Mr Elop said that Nokia does not want to make a "ME TOO" Windows 8 tablet like the rest out there. Rumor has it that theirs will be have an Aluminum case that will come various Colors including Pink for you ladies out there. Please Nokia have a Navy blue or Cyan colored Tablet for us real men. Yellow, Green, Pink, white and black are alright but real men want a Navy Blue tablet tablet .

33. rishav.dravid

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nokia will launch samsung
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