Nokia adds to CDMA line with the 2608

Nokia adds to CDMA line with the 2608
The name Nokia and the phrase CDMA aren’t often found in the same sentence. The Nokia 2608, which the manufacturer says has a “high-gloss exterior, racy stripe down the middle and three colorful options,” is the first CDMA device to be announced in quite some time. Though the phone is somewhat average, it does have a flashlight (gasp!) and an FM transmitter. At this point, it is not going to hit the States, but for others, expect to see the device in the first quarter of 2009.

C'mon Nokia, if you're going to tempt the CDMA users with a device here and there, provide some high-end devices!

source: Nokia



1. unregistered

lame. i never sell nokia because vzw never has any good ones. although most nokia phones out there are ugly and outdated anyways

4. unregistered

arent you aware we have the 6205 now? dosent do alot but really reliable little thing...

5. unregistered

you are a retard Nokia is the second largest manufacturer of phones in the world Just becasue VZW doesnt carry them doesnt mean they are ugly and out of date. They actually have the best most reliable PDAs in the world but will never make a good one for CDMA check out the N96 and 97 and tell me they are ugly and out of date.....

6. notsippinthekoolaid unregistered

I also work for VZW and disagree with retard in post #1. We don't get very many but the ones we do get are reliable. 6315i and 6205 are solid phones.

7. unregistered

I seel VZW service and I use the 6205 and it's been extremely reliable; great battery life/reception/sound quality. It's also quite stylish. I can't wait to see what Nokia sends VZW's way in the future.

8. unregistered

Oops... Sell... not seel :)

9. unregistered

actually Nokia is the Largest maker of cell phones

10. unregistered

#1 you made yourself look like a jackass with your ridiculous comment check your facts next time you speak you tard!

11. unregistered

actually samsung is..... they just passed nokia 3rd quarter

2. Bleh unregistered

Forget u bro nokia is the best. I remember @ ces they had the nokia wimax tablets just wait and see.and if u were a good vzw rep u would show people the difference between a cute phone that doesn't work and an ugly phone that does

3. cartman unregistered

Nokia most probably will not make high end CDMA devices, probably cuz no US/Ca carrier will carry them.

12. unregistered

looks like a low end alcatel-sharper image to me. Copy? Hope not. Looks like itll have a mp3 player. possible mp4 player. like it, but no camera? come on nokia, make one with a camera. pick it up, vzw!

13. Jyakotu unregistered

Nokia and CDMA just doesn't go together. They need to stick with GSM. But if they do make CDMA models, the only carriers that should carry them in the USA is prepaid ones.

14. vzw fanman unregistered

i dont think verizon likes nokia because they are usually ugly phones. lg phones are trendy and popular, especially the lg env2. there should be a commercial for verizon where the verizon guy says is there service here? and another person says check, and the verizon logo comes up haha lol. verizon should bring in a nokia smartphone tho :-J

15. unregistered

Alright nokia, next step: release the n97 on vzw. Haha yeah right, but that would be awesome if they did.

16. unregistered

I'm a service tech for sprint, and though we have not carried Nokia in a long time, I have only seen one of their phones come back for repair, and the guy had ran it over. Right now I'm a crackberry addict, but before i got my BB, I had only nokia phones for two big reasons: You actually have to WORK to break them, and they are all around great phones. The phone above, yeah for people like us who check these websites regularly, we would probably not get that. But this is a perfect phone for elderly people who just want a basic, reliable phone. Its also good for younger kids as a starter phone. Its not flashy, but your phone is there for mommy and daddy to reach you. Perfect.

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