Nokia World 08 Live Report

Nokia Messaging

Nokia Messaging, a new service to be launched by Nokia was announced during the event. In essence, it is a push email offering,which will allow users to have their messages retrieved from variousemail services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL mail or ISP-based accountand sent to their Series 40 or S60 phones. Currently in beta testing, theservice allows 6 email accounts to be pushed/synchronized, but welearned that the next version expected in a few weeks will support upto 10. Once the application is installed on a client’s device, Nokiaclaims that in majority of cases, everything that is required will beusername and password, without the need of knowing incoming/outgoingservers, ports or other settings. The client supports attachmentviewing, IMAP folders, auto-fill of the address fields from the phone’sphonebook.

The commercial launch in Q1 2009 will include 8 countries, and should reach 30+ by the end of the year.

The second service part of Nokia Messaging is the IM client, which allows simultaneous presence on different IM services, such as Yahoo, ICQ, Windows Live, and AOL.

Thepush email and IM integration will be primarily marketed and offeredthrough the operators (hello special messaging/data plans), but thepush email will supposedly be available as open distribution as well.

Forthose not having an email account anywhere else, and does not know howto spell, Nokia will generously offer you a free emailaccount on their Ovi servers, with a full 1GB of space available (compared to about 7.5GB currently available from Gmail).

Nokia Maps 3.0

Nokia Maps, a popular navigation software for Nokiadevices just reached version 3 (or that version was announced) offeringseveral substantial improvements. First in a nutshell, there is thefree version, which doesn’t offer real turn-by-turn navigation. If youwant that, currently with version 2.x you’ll have to shell out between$24.99 for walk license for the US only, up to $49.99 for all regionsor if you want walk and drive, the total will be between $69.99 up to$129.99 (same prices but in Euros are valid for the EU). That is nowand until 3.0 version is released. When this happens, the yearly pricewill go down to $59.99 for one year, walk and drive, all 80 countriescurrently supported.

The new features in 3.0 are 3D imagery ofbuildings and placed of interest, terrain view and route planning andfavorites synchronization between a PC and a Nokia device. The minorimprovements include high-res satellite images, better pedestrian modeto name a few. If you want, the whole map of the World could bedownloaded and installed on your phone which will require about 4.4 GB.Keep in mind that satellite and terrain views are not downloaded andonly available via OTA download as their size according to Nokia isabout 10-12 TB!

For an additional 10-15$, premium services will be offered which will include traffic, safety and speed traps information.


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