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Nokia World 08 Live Report

0. phoneArena posted on 03 Dec 2008, 03:19

We are here in Barcelona, Spain for the annual Nokia World event. The leading phone manufacturer hosts a two-day event, allowing the mobile community to meet closer with Nokia’s products and services...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Looks like it will be a very impressive device. I can't wait to get one.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 12:00

2. (unregistered)


posted on 02 Dec 2008, 16:04

7. shgcksd (unregistered)

Probably AT&t

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 10:28

10. linitallday (unregistered)

Well in my "opinion" I think that T-Mobile should be the carrier that gets this phone because they have always carried good Nokia phones in the other hand At&t is more big on LG and Apple phones so that is why I think this BUT ITS JUST AN OPINION everyone thinks differently

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 14:50

12. Anonymouswdf (unregistered)

Once again this is a european phone! It will be released in Europe and Asia and we will have to wait at least ayear for a similar phone

posted on 06 Dec 2008, 14:39

22. (unregistered)

It will be unlocked, (at least initially). Just like every N-Series Nokia phone released in the United States, it probably won't have a carrier. However, I'm interested if the phone will be 4G when an American model is made. Most US versions of Nokia phones usually only work well with AT&T's 3G network, but Verizon will have most of the future 4G networks bands in the future.

posted on 07 Dec 2008, 19:50

24. ak8er (unregistered)

i say unlocked

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 12:12

3. vzw fanman (unregistered)

that looks like an awsome phone but it is prolly verrry expensive

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 12:56

4. (unregistered)

once again nokia proves where they are number one when it comes to cell phones. this phone is unlocked so it can only be put on gsm carries and it is going for around 550 euros. this device is a powerhouse running on the best most popular OS i cant wait to get my hands on this phone. let see all the apple fanboys cry about this one, features wise the ijunk cant even compete with this monster and nokia reworked the touch from the tube on the homescreen so now it is even better. the screen is gorgeous and omg look at the memory that it can hold, amazing camera too bad its not their new 8mp i guess ill have to wait till later next year for that one. but definatley the phone that i am getting when it is available

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 14:07

5. seto1994 (unregistered)

I was gonna get the omnia on Verizon but i might as wait to c how good this phone is. I can survive on a pre-paid service until this phone comes out. Looks amazing and finally a cell phone breaks 30 gigabytes of internal storage! If as good as it looks I'm definitely switching to at&t to buy this unlocked. And DVD quality camera?! I can ditch my point and shoot, zune, and gps device for this if it's that good.

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 14:42

6. zeppfan72 (unregistered)

WOW!! I was literally just about to buy an unlocked Touch Pro or a Bold, maybe the X1 but this phone grabbed my attention. It has all the specs and the hardware looks solid as well. I'm going to wait until some one does a review on its performance. If it holds up like I think it will, I'm definitely getting one of these bad boys!!!!!

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 22:40

8. Elwh1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 17 Nov 2008)

It looks like a gr8 phone, something that I hope will finally take down the I-phone. I'm still waiting for their next "Camera-Centered" flagship phone. I don't mind if it's a 5mp or 8mp, just please let it have a Xenon flash. That's the one disappointing thing about the N97, where is the Xenon. It has been proven that Xenon is better than LED or even Dual LED flash, so why does Nokia contnue to make camera phones with LED.

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 05:54

9. (unregistered)

there are already a lot of phones better than the iPhone throughout the world. The main problem is that not many of them are sold in the united states. You can probably get this phone in AT&T or t-mobile, but it will have to be unlocked. I don't know of many high-end nokias sold directly through U.S. retailers

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 13:01

11. (unregistered)

the last high end nokia that was sold to a carrier here in the states was for att the n75, and the reason for the dual led flash is because it is much better for video recording than a xenon flash but i agree i would like to have one on there too. but they said that this camera is going to be very impressive so i wouldnt be surprised if it will be the best 5mp camera out there especially while looking at it on that gorgeous screen omg.

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 17:22

13. (unregistered)

another $800 phone

posted on 07 Dec 2008, 19:50

25. (unregistered)

totally agree

posted on 03 Dec 2008, 20:56

14. Fresh-popcorn (unregistered)

If it had a Dual Flash, One Xenon and the second Led Flash for Video then it would be perfect.

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 10:59

15. (unregistered)

Will it support Blackberry services? It seems that for some time now, Nokia ceased to provide software which was enabling nokia phones to work with BB

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 16:50

16. (unregistered)

come on nokia bring somethings new of phone market. You are the #1 in phone market. Don't copy other and pretend they are differents.

posted on 04 Dec 2008, 19:00

17. (unregistered)


posted on 07 Dec 2008, 19:49

23. sk8er (unregistered)

serious wat????

posted on 05 Dec 2008, 11:51

18. Richards (unregistered)

This phone will come out next year? 1st q? or 2nd q? anyway nokia is far behind with the camera. its video camera is also cr#!. They say DVD quality video recording? its the resolution that is dvd but the quality is far behind if you only look at it its horrible even though sony ericsson only has qvga video recording the quality is pretty good. the picture quality of the 5megapixel is also cr#! even this site is lying about it. i had the n82 and my friend the k850i the screen was better from the k850i on the screen of the k850i both pictures look better but the k850i photo was better on the pc also the sound quality perfect and dont even start about samsung that is worthless lg is ok but nokia tops it but sony ericsson is the best since the k750i in the store they will tell you the nokia and the samsung are the better ones. but they are lying i worked in a phone store and even tough the se was the best i had to sell the nokias and the samsung because they make more profit on those phones when you take the n96 in one hand and the k850i or c905i in the other you also feel the difference in the built quality nokia is never groundbreaking for real like the n95 it should have been superior against all others but is was nothing even the picture quality of the k800i was better. and it was slow and it was fragile. music quality? also bad. now they are coming with the n97 it has 32gb that's very good expandable slot that's even perfect it has 5mp? what the fu@! are the sick? there 5mp is not that impressive. symbian? the worst os there is(for smartphones) windows is very good on the htc's and the xperia (lot of software to make it the way you want) apple os is also great google android is even perfect nokia has shown interest in the google os but don't realy understand why they bring this again with symbian the phone looks cheap and so does the os its compared to the xperia of omnia of touch pro nothing interesting but ok of course nokia has built its name in the early stages of mobile phones and some people hang on it. but on the other hand if nokia doesn't catch up with the "mp-hype" they will lose quite a crowd. now there are 8mp. half 2009 there wil be 10mp from sony ericsson and 2years from now there will be 12mp phones with hd-video recording if you look it that way this is nothing and nokia has great plans for 10years from now the "nokia nano" google it and you will see the greatness of the phone they are planning to make over 10years but until that time they have to keep up with the competition at least the specifications cause people only look at the specifications and not the actual quality of the product they are buying

posted on 06 Dec 2008, 05:48

20. me (unregistered)

"half 2009 there wil be 10mp from sony ericsson and 2years from now there will be 12mp phones with hd-video recording if you look it that way this is nothing" news for (in case you live in cave or something like this, LOL)http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/200811/08-144E/index.html

posted on 05 Dec 2008, 21:27

19. Kennie.D Stonez (unregistered)

As much as the resentment I have for the iPhone, I've been waiting for someone to come up with an iPhone killer. Previous competitors seemed somewhat worthy, but I think this time the N97 will put an end to the discussion. I rather pay US$800 for N97 than to pay US$200 and bind with the 2-year contract for the ridiculously overrated iPhone. I can't wait to get my hands on this baby. Nokia, it's about time!!!

posted on 06 Dec 2008, 06:01

21. tae (unregistered)

i agree with you, iphone IS superoverrated

posted on 07 Dec 2008, 22:35

26. (unregistered)

i really don't understand why some ppl r disappointed about it only having a 5 MP camera, i mean 5MP is enough for good quality size pics (unless you're printing a poster or something), MP means nothing when it comes to cameras its all in the lens and thats what N97 have, a very nice and decent Carl Zeiss Lens or SE phones with cybershot lens etc. but yes i do agree that its disappointing the N97 doesn't have Xenon Flash.

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