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Nokia Windows RT tablet appears as "Sirius" on GFX, gets Bluetooth certified

0. phoneArena posted on 15 Sep 2013, 20:04

The rumored Nokia Windows RT tablet has been Bluetooth certified under the model number of RM-114; interestingly, the slate went through the GFX benchmark test with a model number of RX-114. Mobile ad network AdDuplex also found model number RX-114 in its logs. And earlier leaks revolving around the Nokia Windows RT slab have given it the code name of "Sirius" which turns up on the GFX benchmark test...

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posted on 16 Sep 2013, 00:26 2

19. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4321; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

1 point my tiny ass!!!
That point makes the entire comparison, let's say illegal!
Ready to bark at WP whenever possible, eh?

I'll let you off with a note that i believe you commented in a hurry.
WP has no MicroSD? Really? That was a wrong trigger.
What do you expect from a mediocre chipset and half a Gig of RAM?? Atleast it has smooth transition.
Why would you need a file manager when everything is done for you?? Is the video not in the video app? Is the mp3 you want to listen to not in the music player? Just because you can't move it to a folder you want...you don't have to complain. You want a file manager? Connect it to a PC...your real-time file manager.

posted on 16 Sep 2013, 01:28

27. tech2 (Posts: 3487; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

No it doesn't. He only pointed out the app loading speed with Xperia Z that's all. In no way rest of his comment is anyway related to Xperia Z. Those are his own experience with the device.

And just chillax dude, yes I was wrong about the MicroSD but no need to give me a note. :'(.......Are you a school teacher or something ? Its only a conversation....lol

Also, I would need a file manager when I download a music or videos over my Wifi or LTE from any website and specially torrents.

BTW, I still consider Lumia as the best devices when it comes to mid-low range budget. Just try pulling your head out of your tiny ass and you'll realize the world isn't flat :)

posted on 16 Sep 2013, 01:03

24. tashreef (Posts: 476; Member since: 24 Nov 2012)

no microSD? do you really own a Nokia Lumia 520?
i doubt

posted on 16 Sep 2013, 03:07

28. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

Sirius == Dog Star
Nokia surely was a Star
Now it's just an (under)Dog for last so many years ever since it was embraced and extended by M$ and now soon to be exterminated.

posted on 16 Sep 2013, 10:47

35. 7thspaceman (Posts: 1583; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

I nokia think should have put a windows 8.1 tablet on the market first. the design of their case and its 4g specs are great first rate. Microsoft looked bad as hell by releasing the Windows RT
first. Microsoft will continue to make Windows on ARMS tablets because they have no choice
ARMS CPU chips rule the mobile equipment world because they are cheap to make and have good battery life. The Windows on ARMs tablets may not be popular folks but they are the best
ARMS CPU tablets bang for the buck that you can buy for business production work because they come Preloaded with an office suite and MS "outlook" gets added to this office suite. as time goes on and the Windows On Arms tablets get more Apps and they will get more apps
people will see the value of them and buy them. Windows on ARMs tablets preloaded with high
school/College text e books and other educational material are the best tablets out there for educational institutions you donot need Windows 8.1 to do a lot of things on a tablet.

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