Nokia Nuron gets snapped up in its live form

Nokia Nuron gets snapped up in its live form
Not even a day after it was officially confirmed by Nokia and T-Mobile, the Nokia Nuron in its full form gets snapped up for the world to see. It may  not win the award for the best looking Nokia handset to date, but it does provide a glimpse of what to expect as the Nuron enters a Nokia-starved market in the US. Just by taking a quick sneak peek, it does look somewhat similar to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset – something that was of course memorable as it brought Nokia into the touchscreen age. Although rendered shots of the handset just doesn't do justice, hopefully these leaked shots can really provide some insight in what customers are planning to expect come March 17th.

Nokia 5230 Nuron Specifications

source: TmoNews



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