Nokia N8 gearing up for a UK launch on August 25th?

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Nokia N8 gearing up for a UK launch on August 25th?
The device being garnered as a big time game changer for Nokia, the N8, may be touching down in the UK on August 25th after it was reported to pocket-lint by a Nokia store employee. Previously, it was speculated for the Nokia N8 to make its rounds one day earlier starting on August 24th. However, the actual date has yet to be officially confirmed through Nokia – it's not to say that you can't trust a Nokia store employee. Until something is brought out by Nokia's PR, we'll have to live with the knowledge that this handset could be eying its release for some time later in the summer. With so much time between now and then, one can only hope that Nokia is at full capacity in bringing this handset to the market and making people believe in the competitive nature of its products.

Nokia N8 Specifications

source: pocket-lint


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