Nokia N8 Vasco getting treated to a viral video campaign?

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Nokia N8 Vasco getting treated to a viral video campaign?
After hearing about how the Nokia N8 is tied closely with the “Vasco” codenamed device uttered by Eldar Murtazin on his Twitter account, it's proving to be quite clear that they are both indeed the same device – the Nokia N8. Even though we've seen some leaked shots speculated to be the first  Symbian^3 device to come out of Nokia, there looks to be a viral video being wrapped up for the expected “Vasco” device – there was a tweet that's been removed already by Danny Gagatt which appears to make some mentions about the effects company called The Mill to create “a Nokia Vasco viral.” It looks like the video will have a Foosball gaming theme that'll feature the Vasco in the upcoming viral video. This points a clearer picture even though Nokia has been extremely low key surrounding the reality of the Nokia N8 – we'll see soon enough if the video will get people excited about it.

Nokia N8 Preliminary Specifications

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