Nokia N78 released in the U.S.

Nokia N78 released in the U.S.
The N78 has made its way to U.S. shores, and there's a whole lot to love about this smartphone. Features are aplenty, with North American HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Ziess optics and automatic geotagging, microSDHC expansion and a touch-sensitive keyboard. The device can be had at select retailers, including the Nokia flagship stores in NYC and Chicago, for $560.

Nokia N78 Specifications

source: Nokia via Engadget Mobile



1. VZW Employee unregistered

Do people even buy Nokia phones anymore? I rarely see Nokia phones anymore. I know since Nokia doesn't really make CDMA phones anymore I don't see them.

3. unregistered

Its weird... Nokia is the #1 phone maker in the world, but #4 (I think) in the US. They used to be pretty darn solid here, but others took them over.

2. daywalker unregistered

i dont like nokia. why cheap materials ., battery easily drain. or explode., then after drop the price almost a half. and why there is always bug or unstable software! pls nokia do something! i try sony fo now im ok and its great!

4. unregistered

nobody really buys nokia phones in the US i've noticed... in europe it might be huge but here its not

5. unregistered

That is why people do not use BS VZW becasue they do not have good Nokia models. The technology is probably too advanced for some people. Heh.

6. unregistered

thats because americans are a bit retarded:) and they don't know to use a phone at is full potencial,they don't buy nokia phones,because they seem to bee to complicated for a normal user..but phones like n95 8gb,n82,e90 are absolutly great..and can't be beaten in any other high end N series and E series the construction materials and the desgin are great to...but like i've sad it before americans are to damn retarded to be capable to use such phones and their advantages...

7. C-Chickie unregistered

I do get alot of requests for more Nokia models at my location ( Alltel). I never really understood that till I honestly messed around with a european model a friend visiting had. I honestly do like the phones.

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