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Nokia Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 release date set for April 1 (not a joke)

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Feb 2013, 09:51

The new Nokia Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 are two very well priced devices allowing Windows Phone to finally start spreading its reach with more affordable devices…

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posted on 27 Feb 2013, 10:29 11

11. pitak (Posts: 23; Member since: 23 Feb 2013)

oh nokia 720 beat htc one in low light

posted on 28 Feb 2013, 04:29

42. Alex123 (Posts: 241; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

yes, I will not hesitate to choose Lumia 720. How much different between HTC one and Lumia 720? HTC was so proud of its Ultra pixel but I think it is just like a normal camera and should not be compared to Lumia 920, Lumia 720 and king of Camera Smartphone Nokia 808 pureview.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 11:00

18. haseebzahid (Posts: 1853; Member since: 22 Feb 2012)

hmm the date is little spooky fooling arond alread perhaps

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 21:32

33. Hemoroid (Posts: 72; Member since: 13 Feb 2013)

I find it very convenient. Nokia and these phones = a big joke.
Thumps up nokia!

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 11:08 2

22. drkavint (Posts: 14; Member since: 27 Feb 2013)

iam least bothered about nokia. there is nothing to expect...it will go down in the history as the company who had tech, (pureview), hard ware(carl zeiss lens), software( windows 8) yet never launch device in time and failed in all aspect..
Samsung and apple use the little available and are successful..
nokia is a sleeping cat who thinks itself as roaring tiger.. but history will say it as dead snake..
please shut down fast rather than fooling us and leading for expectations..
i think htc have started to show nokia pattern.. says will launch ultra pixel end up in useless hardware..
2013 marks opening of two leaders samsung and apple..
leading way for ios and android thus dead path for windows and black berry...
to note :2013 new os( fire fox, tizen) are fighting for java place.. i think they never consider to fight ios/android.. they know that they are not so worthy for top place.. unlike windows and blackberry( they are making themselves jackass... )
windows made huge mistake of partner nokia... when they realized , in hurry made another huge mistake of entering hard ware(surface).. they lost respect with nokia and lost future with surface...
apple and android are no more emerging ..they are winners at/from 2013...
iam die hard fan of once lion now dead snake nokia...

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 11:15 1

23. Hemoroid (Posts: 72; Member since: 13 Feb 2013)


posted on 27 Feb 2013, 18:01 2

30. windroid (unregistered)

See your legs shaking, is it from the hemorrhoids, or just scared of WP success?
I know you fathers didn't gave you one Nokia when tou asked for it, but that's not a reason for being so jealous.

... drkavint, bet Android was fabulous in the first releases, calm down let them grow.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 12:14 2

25. faisal8708 (Posts: 104; Member since: 15 Nov 2011)

Time will tell fanboy the same thing i told isheeps two years ago now they r nowhere to be seen on PA

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 21:27

32. Hemoroid (Posts: 72; Member since: 13 Feb 2013)

You are right, the nokiafanboys are next up.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 15:34 2

29. sbw44 (Posts: 433; Member since: 04 Dec 2012)

Why don't you learn how to spell first!

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 11:53 2

24. jonartpop (Posts: 194; Member since: 25 Oct 2012)

I like how Nokia is really confident with their WP8 devices.

posted on 27 Feb 2013, 13:35 1

27. StreetNerd (Posts: 836; Member since: 08 Dec 2010)

whats the Hong Kong release date?

posted on 28 Feb 2013, 04:35 1

43. Alex123 (Posts: 241; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Nokia Nokia Nokia, why are you so great? you are a king of feature phone and you will soon be a king of Smartphone. I wish you get successful!

posted on 01 Mar 2013, 19:09

44. joshirajesh1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 01 Mar 2013)

lumia 720 seems to be quite good phone for more details about lumia 720 go to infoflavour-a website related to technology

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