Nokia Lumia 520 is the top selling Windows device in the world

We've often commented on how Nokia has really been sizzling hot in the lower end of the smartphone market; no surprise then, that the Nokia Lumia 520 is the highest selling Windows device on the planet. That includes other Windows Phone flavored handsets, Windows powered PCs and tablets. Microsoft itself has realized how important the Nokia Lumia 520 has become...
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27. tashreef

Posts: 476; Member since: Nov 24, 2012

You forgot to mention Quad-core processor and 1080p FHD display O.o

26. Rongocook

Posts: 76; Member since: Sep 20, 2013

Nice! Bring out the successor of this little champ on 22nd oct.

32. ryq24

Posts: 875; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

It would be nice if they release the actual quantity sold otherwise it means nothing.

34. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Microsoft is said to be going to push hard into emerging markets overseas. this a good strategy since the other markets are saturated with Android and Apple Iphones. Windows phone 8 debuts in June 2012 it's a younger OS than Android or Apple IOS. .Folks Windows smart phone is getting 2 coming really big updates especially the Windows 8.1 blue update next year that will give it features other smart phones boast they have windows smart phones don't have plus next year is the year where the stores of all windows 8 devices will be the same. I think it will take Microsoft 2 years of hard work to unify the operating systems of all it's devices but they have a chance of doing this because they all us the "NT OS CORE" I would loke them to pull this off.

35. DracheMitch

Posts: 5; Member since: Jan 21, 2014

What the Lumia 520 shows is that Microsoft lied about why WP7 phones could not be updated. It was strictly politics. I'm sure that behind the scenes they charged a new licensing fee for WP8 and shafted the consumers. My HTC Titan has better specs than the Lumia 520 (which I also own). Microsoft claimed it was hardware like 1GB RAM and NFC (which they said would be standard on all WP8 phones). The Lumia 620 also has only 512MB ram and only 1 GHz processor. My Titan has 512MB and 1.5 GHz (single core but it benchmarks higher as WP is not optimized for multi-core).
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