Nokia Germany will now take your N8 pre-order and your money too

Nokia Germany will now take your N8 pre-order and your money too
We were delighted to learn that the Nokia N8 is finally getting closer to official release, after spotting it for preorder on the Nokia Italy website. The quoted price there is 469 EUR ($610), for the unlocked device.

Now we are being tipped that the elusive handset has popped up on the Nokia Germany website as well, ready to be shipped to you for free after you wait for a yet undisclosed period of time. The price here is bumped a bit to 479 EUR ($627) - on the high side, unless the phone turns out all that Nokia touts it is.

The official website claims it is the only place you can buy the blue and orange versions of the handset from (in Germany, we guess), which should presumably take away the pain of the price tag for you.

Nokia N8 Specifications | Hands-on

Thanks, Evaristo!



1. phoenix87

Posts: 19; Member since: Jul 03, 2010

This is taking WAY TOO LONG!!! When will it arrive in the US. Either is gets here soon or I'll be buying myself an Xperia X10.

5. Beasley29 unregistered

I know! I want this phone too and I'm in the US! And you'll buy it from xperia x10? What is that? I need a new phone and I want this one so I need somewhere to buy it from. Also, how much is it?

6. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

@phoenix87 - The Xperia is also another phone to be grouped up into the "took too long to come out" category. They announced the thing back in Oct/Nov 09 and just barely got announced for a US release. There are lots of better Android phones in that category now lol

2. cellguy unregistered

nokia ? whats the deal , improve youre market !!!

3. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

They don't want to release something that's really buggy. Wouldn't you rather wait to get something that works nicely then take something that works okay, but has a lot of bugs? I know I would. I hate waiting for it too, but I think I may pass on buying it for a different reason. If Nokia is dropping their customizable equalizers, which apparently they have with the N8, then the only two reasons I have left to stick with them are because of their "Profiles" and camera's. I already found a Profiles app for Android, so unless MeeGo proves to be everything I'm looking for, or the geniuses at Nokia put back certain features, I really have no reason to stick with them. Android now looks to be a better choice in the USA sadly.

4. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

Unless this phone gets subsidized or dramatically drops in price after it's release, it does not stand a chance in the States. Americans by and large do not buy unlocked phones and when they do, they are usually not $600 ones. Nokia has done fairly well in the States as far as unlocked phones go because units like the 5800 have been kept somewhat affordable. In this economy. not many people are going to be knocking down any manufacter's door to buy a $600 phone regardless of who makes it or how hip it is. ....And that is just how the carriers want it!

7. Hoosier89 unregistered

Honestly you dont have to wait till it comes out in the US if your not worried about price. Since the phone can work on all frequencies it wont matter.

8. Eingild unregistered

With all due respect to US citizens, you are not the only audience being targeted by Nokia. There's a lot of countries to think about not just you people. Here in my country, 6 out 10 people will choose Nokia and Symbian instead of Android or iOS. And besides, here in my country, if we buy phones, we pay full cash. Subsidized price is not in our vocabulary. Plus! if there are any subsidizing, operators do not put on their name on the phone and change the overall design. Don't blab if Nokia do not sell in US. Even thought no one out there is patronizing Nokia, they can still maintain the number 1 market share in mobile industry because of other countries. By the way, I am not a Nokia or Symbian fanboy. I am pretty much uncomfortable with your comments that's all. Thank you.

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