Nokia E71x on sale now at AT&T

Nokia E71x on sale now at AT&T
In late March, AT&T was on the verge of launching the flashy Nokia E71x. But as we reported back then, some firmware issues were expected to put the device on the sidelines for two months. About three weeks ahead of the two month time line, the handset is being sold by Ma Bell for $99.99 with a $50 mail-in rebate and a two year pact. The price is $299.99 off contract. For that price you re getting a 2.4 inch display, HTML browser, 3.2MP camera with LED flash and auto focus, and a physical QWERTY keyboard for typing out SMS/MMS and email, and then sending them out at 3G speeds. Has the 5 week delay cost AT&T some sales of this handset, or is the Nokia E71x strong enough to overcome the loss of momentum?

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1. DontHateOnS60

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The question here isn't whether or not they've waited too long. The answer to that was yes months ago. The question now is whether AT&T has ruined this device by slapping the 6650's software on it, and not included the one-touch buttons or the home screen switch that makes this phone so unique from its competitors. Oh, wait, the answer to that is yes. Nice job AT&T, and way to not include a data cable with the phone. Now you can all see that AT&T really does hate Nokia because if they didn't, they'd actually help them out by not crippling phone features and cheaping out on things that should come with the phone. And the wait continues for a Nokia smartphone that hasn't been crippled... Maybe they should just change their name to Apple or Blackberry since they seem to get such preferential treatement.

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