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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte announced

0. phoneArena posted on 19 Aug 2008, 02:34

The name of the new model says it all: a new addition in the Arte series, this one will come with Carbon fibre both on its front and back…

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

looks great!

posted on 19 Aug 2008, 07:22

2. (unregistered)

Not for $1600 it doesnt look that great, unless it morphs into the car it was sitting on in the picture. Then I could use my phone as my vehicle and drive around in my phone. THAT would be awesome. I would be willing to spend $1600 for the phone then....

posted on 19 Aug 2008, 09:43

3. mmmeeee (unregistered)

LOL! Very good point, and well put!

posted on 01 Sep 2008, 10:46

9. Name (unregistered)

well, if you need to say this, obviously this phone is not meant for you...

posted on 20 Aug 2008, 12:27

4. (unregistered)

The carbon Fibre looks the exact same as in the Secret, I don't see why you didn't like it

posted on 20 Aug 2008, 19:10

5. (unregistered)

Maybe because "we didn’t like how it matched with the rest of the design". Read the rest of the freaking sentence idiot!

posted on 21 Aug 2008, 11:40

6. (unregistered)

Great phone but wrong price tag. I understand Nokia creating new top of the line phones (in looks and features) but their pricing has to change to satisfy the average and above average consumer.

posted on 22 Aug 2008, 08:40

7. (unregistered)

I like how people will always trash this phone's design because the price is too high. Give credit where it's due. The Nokia 8800 series is the best designed phone on the market - it has been since the original 8800. Don't show off your jealousy by saying "the price is wrong."

posted on 23 Aug 2008, 02:09

8. CTat (unregistered)

Damnit!! Less than 4 months after I buy the Sapphire they drop a phone that will actually match my car's interior?! I guess I'll wait and see how the actual carbon fibre feels in terms of quality though.

posted on 13 Sep 2008, 02:52

10. (unregistered)

what is car anyway can you guess ? :p

posted on 27 Sep 2008, 13:53

11. anonymous101 (unregistered)

Not meaning to be rude- but people are going on about the price etc, and that nokia need to aim to satisfy the "average and above average customer"........ have you ever thought that this is not aimed at the average or the above average customer, and if the money is an issue....... then your not part of the target market?. Lets face it, for that kind of money you can buy a lesser mobile, an Ipod and a good digital camera, which in terms of performance- beat this phone hands down. But I would still rather have this phone.

posted on 11 Oct 2008, 02:05

12. (unregistered)

I have bought five 8800 in the last four years. I liked it so much that I had to buy all three colors for the last Scirocco series. I did not like the Arte series because it is not sleek enough. That being said, the titanium and carbon is very interesting to me I just wish they did not make the buttons so obvious and visible. It would be great if it was just one smooth glass touch surface. I agree with the comments about the target market. Keep in mind that I want the most sleek phone with basic functions. I also want it to be a jewlery of sort to distinguish from the other plastic phones. I am working in a suit all the time, with lots of travels and dealing with lots of different types of business professionals. It is a part of the power lunch image that I am packaging. I can't use a bling diamond Vertu (that's for the weekends in Macau and Vegas). The N85 and iPhones are too common as well as too gaget like. I only carry by Scirocco and my BlackBerry. Each Scirocco (black, silver, gold) has a different SIM for different countries and also allows me to switch colors if I want to play down or bling up. I just need a phone and a data device. I dont' think they can be converged into one with the right asthetic pacakage yet. Function, we all want the latest. But style will vary a lot. It's also about having multiple phones if you really want the best of everything. Get one for each purpose or occassion and get the best in class. Otherwise, you will always compromise. Every garage should have a two seater, sedan and SUV. A lot of people switch phones every 6 months. I use mine for 2 years now. That's equal to 4 phones. The one that I have now is still in style and unique. All in all, I might have even saved money in comparison to the serial upgraders.

posted on 05 Dec 2008, 12:20

13. Arthur (unregistered)

Nokia is the world wide leader in mobile phones. They have low priced phones, medium priced phones, multimedia phones, and all that stuff. I my oppinion they afford to have a model like this, which was never commercialized as being a inteligent phone, latest generation software, so on and so far, NO they said it was a phone which attracts atention, is user friendly and gives you the goos bumps when you first hold in your hand, and i'm not talking only about the carbon, but about all the 8800 and 8910/ i. I have all the 8 series...starting from the 8910 8910i throughout the sapphire. I change sim cards everyday cause e never get tired of them. They are just great phones but were never pointed towards people with low founds. Lets face it..if you walk into a place, and pull out a N95...people will asy.. ooh how cool, he has a N95..cool phone. but think about what they would say if they`d see you with a shiny new sirocco. they wouldnt care how smart the phone is, and thats was nokia is commercializing..a phone that is only for style. So those who have money.. BUY THEM ALL !

posted on 07 Jul 2009, 20:12

14. ivanklep (Posts: 1; Member since: 05 Jul 2009)

To those who just don't GET IT. I've just bought myself one of these state-of-the-art priceless objects and i do have to point out and clarify couple of things. Those out there who believe this phone is "sucks to the max" due to the lack of features, these are the people who just don't have a single clue of what they are talking about. And that's a pity. Remember for God's sake, the release of this phone was not oriented towards the high tech market who expect their phone to perform just about anything and to compete with phones like N95 or iPhone. This phone, however, has its own distinctive features and focuses on the different type of market - premium/luxury class. Those who don't give a sh*t about the technological advances, but what they truly value and respect is the Quality and Precision to Craftsmanship. And that's where Arte fulfills its obligations. The technological features that this phone offers may not be the latest ones. But the market for this phone are not interested in them. Class and Prestige are the attributes of this phone. Top qualities and hand-made assembly of this phone makes it stand out amongst the crowd. And please, don't ever dare to judge this phone by its price tag, because it clearly says that you are not meant to have it. so, shut the f*ck up and go out with your N95 girlfriend. We don't compare a Ferrari with Toyota. And we don't start a debate about the lack of features which Ferrari cars lack in its models. But now i am sure there are people who would. I am not writing a review about this phone, nor am i advocating it either. However, the message is the following: It is not right and appropriate to perform the comparison analysis of this phone to the rest (like iPhone) as this Nokia phone is the ONE, the ONLY ONE of its kind in the market and it has no competitors / substitute phones which could replace it. Ohhhhh...., actually there is one by Motorola Aura. but personally i don't appreciate the design of that phone and i'd rather stick to my Arte girlfriend.

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