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Nokia 808 PureView is a camera engineering marvel - are you getting one?

0. phoneArena posted on 27 Feb 2012, 13:52

What we are interested in is whether you are intrigued by Nokia's bombshell device as a phone, and if you are planning to get one the day it comes out, or are already distracted by something else. Checkmark our little poll and sound off in the comments...

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posted on 27 Feb 2012, 14:56 5

8. Penny (Posts: 1670; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

@ andro.

The phone is being released with Symbian Belle, not Windows Phone. And despite the fact that you clearly have something against Windows Phone 7 (as evidenced by almost every one of your posts in WP7 related articles), it is a good operating system.

Choice is a good thing, and companies innovating for the platform you may not like will still benefit you in the long run, so don't be so hateful toward them.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 16:47 5

16. chapizzo (Posts: 116; Member since: 13 Sep 2011)

Just because you dont like the OS doesn't mean nobody wants it, just shows how immature you are. Try it out and you may actually realise its not as bad as it has been painted out to be.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 17:43 3

22. m.garz (Posts: 61; Member since: 08 Oct 2010)

bet you haven't tried Belle

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 14:50 5

7. Penny (Posts: 1670; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

Lol @ the last option in the poll. Very trollish choice there to end it with the comment about apps. How about just leaving the option at "My smartphone camera is good enough, so I'm not going to change phones for it?"

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 19:20 2

30. thatdude1 (unregistered)

Totally agree with you, @penny. Very trollish indeed.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 15:15 7

10. rnk.khch (Posts: 86; Member since: 30 Jan 2012)

Finally I can have what I was waiting for my entire life!!! N8 made my dream come true for the most part, but this one is unbelievable. It's a true marvel of technology, and only Nokia could have done it!!!

I don't see why people are unhappy with Symbian OS. It's a pretty good OS, much more efficient than iOS and Android, which is why N8 with 680MHz processor and 256MB ram has an unbelievably amazing performance (despite my initial doubts). Plus it's a very stable OS. I have never seen it crashing so far despite the fact that I torture it quite a bit on a regular basis.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 18:36 1

26. RamyAbdelbadea (Posts: 17; Member since: 07 Nov 2011)

you must be kidding !!! i am with nokia since old times but can't say that Symbian is comperable to IOS Or Android !!! NO way sir ..
they even kill the memo and mego which was a really good OS if they support it !!

posted on 29 Feb 2012, 13:38

53. rnk.khch (Posts: 86; Member since: 30 Jan 2012)

Just put iOS or Android on a device with 680MHz cpu and 256MB ram, and you will see why Symbian is better. Even Satio with 600MHz cpu and the ancient S60 has a brilliant performance. Everyday I amaze my Android and iOS friends with my N8 and Satio.

There may not be as many apps for Symbian as there is for Android and iOS, but the Symbian OS on its own is very capable.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 15:19 3

11. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

I'll get it the day it comes out if it's subsidized on T-Mobile US, otherwise I'll have to get the unlocked international version. Here I was about ready to buy a used N8, glad I waited.

posted on 28 Feb 2012, 11:28 2

52. karanstyle (Posts: 188; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

Even I'm waiting for the day it arrives in stores. I'm so buying this Device because Anna > Belle > Carla > Donna.


LOLZ!! ;-)

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 15:19 1

12. MNX1024 (Posts: 13; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

I don't know, this phone is extremely tempting, but the amount they're probably charging can get me a decent lens. I do own DSLR's, so yeah.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 15:57 2

13. jaytai0106 (Posts: 1888; Member since: 30 Mar 2011)

41 MP might be a little too much. Since it's an amazing camera phone, it better be water proof, sand proof, shake proof and everything proof. Otherwise, I drop my phone too often as it is. I know I would break that camera easily. Now they need to cramp 1 TB hard drive in that baby to store all that super high quality pictures.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 17:36 1

21. -RVM- (Posts: 331; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

There's a reason why it is 41 MP dude :)http://europe.nokia.com/PRODUCT_METADATA_0/Products/Phones/8000-series/808/Nokia808PureView_Whitepaper.pdf

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 16:26 5

14. christianqwerty (Posts: 467; Member since: 05 May 2011)

White iPhone 4s for sale! Willing to trade for a Nokia pure view lol . The camera is one of the most important thing on a phone for me. Second is battery life

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 16:51 5

17. chapizzo (Posts: 116; Member since: 13 Sep 2011)

Why do all of keep saying 41MP is too much? Have you actually tried to find out the reason they are using the 41MP in the first place? Personally the ability of zooming into what ever i am capturing is really something to love. And in the fact that you get better low light performance. Seriously, anybody that uses their phone camera heavily will want these qualities.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 16:53 3

18. chapizzo (Posts: 116; Member since: 13 Sep 2011)

Lets just hope nokia dont treat this one like they did the N9 with limited LIMITED release.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 19:51

33. Mr.Best (Posts: 79; Member since: 17 Jan 2012)

I fail to see Nokia's logic here. Why oh why would you put such a magnificent camera phone on such a dated operating system? I mean the Lumia is such a great phone yet they do this...

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 21:06 1

34. bon87 (Posts: 10; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

cos windows aint yet optimized for such high camera performance and symbian is. They'll soon use the same technology with Apollo hopefully but i don expect the same 41MP sensor.

posted on 28 Feb 2012, 02:24 1

44. Mr.Best (Posts: 79; Member since: 17 Jan 2012)

Makes sense. Thanks a mil.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 21:45 5

35. bon87 (Posts: 10; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

Why is there so much hate here towards pureview 808? Is it cos its a Nokia? Or is it cos its Symbian..or both? You ppl all hate Nokia cos you know it was once a king and it can take back the throne if it really tries and you ppl are eager not to let that happen cos the brand you support will be down the drain wen that happens..And regarding symbian, i agree its a dead platform, but so wat? it still does well wat its supposed to do and does it better than any other fone out there wen u just compare fones with similar hardware. and no i'm not a troll or a fanboy, i'm just in awe of the technology nokia has developed. 'm using samsung omnia w, so 'm neither a nokia fan nor a symbian fan. there are some things that are facts and there's no denying it..Nokia is a great company and symbian is a good os, not an awesome one like ios or wp, but still good..

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 22:16 1

37. squallz506 (banned) (Posts: 1075; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

its because we are all jaded @ssholes.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 23:01 1

41. chapizzo (Posts: 116; Member since: 13 Sep 2011)

When this camera finally gets to windows phone 2 years later, they'll call it the best tech ever.

posted on 27 Feb 2012, 22:53 2

39. bbblader (Posts: 590; Member since: 24 Oct 2011)

one more poll: i got a phone 2 months ago so ill wait for 1 year :(

posted on 03 Mar 2012, 06:28

54. Meghu (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Mar 2012)

Wow, its great news nokia launch 41mp camera along with 16 GB memory storage and 4 inch screen with 360 by 640, price is also reasonable.http://www.howbler.com/2012/03/nokia-808-pureview-41-megapixel-camera.html

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