Nokia 5800 Xpress Music – now official

Nokia announced its first S60 smartphone with touch screen, the 5800 Xpress Music. It is a mid-level phone with decent specs including 640x360 3.2-inch display, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and …
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36. Shafiq Prince unregistered

very nice phone.

35. coderakz unregistered

It's a breakthrough for Nokia to release their first touch-screen phone. I guess I'll give it a shot since Nokia is well-known for its user-friendly features. Besides, $390 is not that expensive for a touch-screen phone :D

34. vince unregistered

i think de fone is gre8 luv it sorry 4 em nokia haters

33. 9to5Mac Noob unregistered

Its got the characteristics for a T-Mobile Phone

32. Steev unregistered

I think I may wait till the next touch screen pone by nokia... see how this one goes and jump on the upgrade. I'm guessing this is there guinea pig. (mid range, good price, first go at the touch screen market, and with a new OS... its all a trial...) I'm guessing a few months down the track a new model will emerge, hopefully with 5mp cam at least, and thinner. But so far so good.... there on the right track.

31. mwdominic unregistered

Wow. Nokia 5800. $390. I can't wait. I'm still using the 3210! A dinosaur...

29. unregistered

i will buy this phone, and who doesn't want unlimited music downloads for one year , if u like iphone,LG or whatever this is slow than iphone, but looks got much flexible UI anyway better give a try cos $390 is not a very big deal for me :)

28. rogwong unregistered

fantastic nokia, can't wait to get my hand on the 5800 mx good one, pls keep coming

27. no one in particular unregistered

Why does everyone think that this phone is meant to compete with the likes of iPhone or G1??? Nokia is not a one flavor cellphone maker, like Apple who has various MP3 players for different customers(Shuffle, Nano, Classic, and Touch); Nokia makes various Cellphones, Smartphones(Classic, XpressMusic, E-series, and N-series) to fit multiple customers needs. This phone is not Nokia's response to the iPhone or G1 or any other Touch based phone, this is Nokia's first stab at the Music Market which Apple dominates(in the U.S. for the most part; thus it's under Nokia's XpressMusic line up and not their Stronger N-Series Smartphones). The price announced is killer for one very cool reason... It includes a one year subscription to Nokia Music, which Nokia will launch in the U.S. first quarter 2009. With that subscription, you have unlimited song downloads that are DRM locked to your phone and PC, but yours to keep forever without giving them back like other services ask you to do. After that there is a la carte option subscription, which by my guess will be very competitive to other music services. And if that wasn't enough, everyone should read the specs that the new S60 5th edition OS has to offer(which had been under developing long before the touch crazed hit the U.S.). It not only offers improved copy and paste functionality(over the existing system on all S60 devices), but FULL Web Browser(with Flash Video support, which was already present in S60 3rd Edition FP2 devices) on a new High Resolution(640x360) 16:9 aspect Screen to name a few. And with all this said, this phone is still under Nokia's mid-range line up; which in the end makes you wonder just how much you're paying for an iPhone or G1 that claim to be High-End?

30. unregistered

very well said.

24. unregistered

You people don't read. This isn't the same old Symbian OS. But then again, I don't expect much from the non-American teenagers who frequently post here.

25. unregistered

not all are teenagers post here, there is considerable amount of mobile software developers who visit this site too, to have a idea what ppl think

22. unregistered

i challenge u to a dual POW!

20. unregistered

BORING! stop making boring phones Nokia! You're boring everyone! Stop boring everyone!

17. unregistered

This isnt the phone I saw in The Dark Knight? It was a different model?

13. unregistered

im going to buy this phone and convert it to an android phone...yup thats what i'll do

14. unregistered

HOW CAN YOU DO THAT??? I wanna know cause Android OS looks just better...

16. unregistered

android is still in developing phase , has lot of bugs and compatibility issues , i wonder how many have actually used a g1 or have proper knowledge about their plat perform in a way symbian is solid and user friendly and softwares are free , if u know where to find ;) too bad many americans have no idea about that

18. Aaron99 unregistered

Then go visit some non-American site and shut the hell up if you have nothing else to say.

19. asq82 unregistered

Aaron99 ,looks like u are just a another fool who get pissed off when someone tells something important about G1

11. unregistered

nokia is junk, get with the times.

12. unregistered

what do u mean buy Nokia is junk?

6. girlygirl unregistered

$390 unlocked is a bit pricey for me. How much would this type of phone normally cost if one was to sign with a 2 yr contract w/ a provider like t-MOBILE OR at&t?

7. Bynum unregistered

Wow good question, I can't imagine it would cost more than the G1 phone. Anyone know how much?

9. unregistered

390 is cheap for being unlocked, and you cant buy it on contract.

21. yep unregistered

most unlocked phones are expensive look up touch diaomond,omina those phones are pushing like 600-700 dollars. this phone is a great deal.

5. iamshawn unregistered

Dude, I am not trolling, but this sucker looks way too thick.

10. unregistered

im seeing what youre seeing, 15mm? that is kinda thick compared to all the new touch phones out there.

15. unregistered

being little more thick is ok to me than having a bad battery life, this thing has 1350ma battery which is very good

23. independent woman unregistered

Not as thick as the Tmobile G1...
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