Nokia 3555 now available with T-Mobile

Nokia 3555 now available with T-Mobile
Today T-Mobile lets you get the 3G-capable (UMTS 1700 MHz) quad-band Nokia 3555 with a pocket friendly price tag. The stylish clamshell has a modest VGA camera (pictures and video), Stereo Bluetooth support, FM radio, and a microSD slot. You can get the new phone offered by T-Mobile for $49.99 after instant discount (SRP $149.99) and a new service activation agreement.

Nokia 3555 Specifications

source: T-Mobile



1. George unregistered

T-Mobile needs to stop screwing around with stupid phones like this one, and get a touch screen phone if they want to compete with the newest sensation. I mean, even Altell has one. GET WITH T-MOBILE!

4. vietnam2008 unregistered

I make a mistake by getting 3 nokia 3555. The shell look like the cheap china toy recycle plastic, It is easy to open but very HARD to close the back case if you don't align correctly.

2. Mike unregistered

wow that phone looks like it stinks rlly bad. it supports my case why i will never join T-Mobile.

3. JP unregistered

What do you want for a budget phone? At&T, Verizon and the rest all have their share of cheap no-frill phones. Not everyone needs a battery sucking machine. Some folks just need a simple phone to talk with. As long as those types exist, there will be phones made for them. I don't own this phone, but i've been with T-Mobile for several years and have been happy with the service. I switched from AT&T when it was bought out by Cingular and turned into DOG-CRAP!

5. acs unregistered

I have the 3555. The first time I recieved it from t-moble i got what i thought was a defect. It would randomly turn off and would not recignize the phone charger. The next day it shut off and I could no longer use it. I called and sent it back and recieved another 3555... this one still randomly shuts off but not as often as the first one they gave me. Also you have to play with the charger to get it to actually charge cuz the actual charger port on the phone moves around which creates a short. I like the content of the phone and how they have it set up but the actual hardware is junk.

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