No iPad 3 this year

We’ve been hearing rumors about the iPad 3 launching this Holiday season since before the iPad 2 launched, but that made little sense from the get-go - why would Apple break their successful yearly launch tradition…
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132. hepresearch unregistered

"You don't and are not going to believe in God." Have I ever said anywhere that I do not believe in God? And, who are you to be trying to ram your religious views down remixfa's throat? So what if he doesn't believe in God? It is NOT YOUR JOB to "make sure" that remixfa, or anyone else, "believes"... and, who are you to tell someone that they cannot change, either? People can believe what they WANT to believe, because they were MADE to be free (and even change their minds sometimes)! "That is the very reason the theory of evolution was invented in the first place, to have another option than God for those whom simply don't want to believe in God." Ummmm... like they "needed an option"... haha! People can see something right in front of them, incontrovertible and definitive, and still deny it. If I see the sun rising in the east, am I unable to say to the person standing next to me, "Hey man, I don't see the sun at all... it's so freakin' dark out here!" And by the way, it has already been mentioned here, but the guy who came up with the Theory of Evolution was, in fact, a devout Christian himself... yes, it is true, and if you do not believe me, all you have to do is Google it or Wiki it, like anybody else who doesn't truly care enough to really work for an answer... Twisting evidence? Who here is twisting evidence? I have not seen any evidence-twisting, but rather, what I have seen is the mindless spewing of third-party ideas being presented as "evidence". And Evolution is not a religion... it is a Theory that can be tested by both religious and scientific means, whichever the "researcher" prefers at a given moment... but right now many of the "religious" have been trapped by their "pastors", and taught to close their minds against anything other than what the "pastor" tells them...

127. PeterIfromsweden

Posts: 1230; Member since: Aug 03, 2011

Why do evolutionists start bashing everytime they get proved wrong ? I don't get that, you have to go by the evidence you have and not start bashing and saying the evidence is fake, when you don't have any proof to back up your claims at all. All you say it is fake, but you can't really claim what is so called fake with any of the evidence i gave you. You write "why is there no tail marks?" This is so ridicoulus it can get. First, how do you know that the dino did not hav it's tail in the air ? second, if it did have it's tail on the ground, it would not have created any deep tail marks at all, and they could easily have been eroded (if there was any tail marks at all) while the footprints due to them being deeper, was not eroded. You write "that is not a modern human's footprint. Thats my take on it. humanoid at best" How can you say that ? Everyone can see that this is a human footprint. What do you think it is, a ape ? a alien ? Different people have different footprints, but there are certain things that makes human footprints differ from animals footprints. And you can easily see that this is a human footprint, not a animals. When it comes to x-ray it is not a timestamp at all, and that is not the point either. the point with x-raying the footprint is so you can more easily determine wether it is a human footpring or not (by looking at the different pressure points and checking that everything looks like a normal human footprint). Your arguments are bust !

133. hepresearch unregistered

Pete @ remixfa - "How can you say that?" Pete, you just don't get it yet... remixfa can say whatever he wants! If you don't like it, you don't have to look or listen or reply or anything! "Everyone can see that..." Whatever. That is a HUGE generalization, because there is absolutely no way in heck that you, Pete, can possibly know what "everyone can see"... "And you can easily see that this is a human footprint..." I can easily see that its "big toe" is unusually short and round, and that it is uncannily flat-footed... to borrow (and brutally edit) a line from Ghostbusters, "No human would make footprints like this!" "Your arguments are bust !" chuckle... chuckle... snort!

115. hepresearch unregistered

The first... ummm... garbage... Dr. Don Patton has a Ph.D., not in any science or from an accredited graduate program, but in "Christian Education" from the "Pacific College of Graduate Studies" which is a graduate division of "Luther Rice University", an American-based college that claimed to be accredited in Australia as late as 1993, but has never been accredited in the United States at any time. He has never produced any official diploma or other credentials to support his claim to either a bachelors degree or a Ph.D., and he is by no means a scientist by accepted standards, even though he very convincingly (to the untrained ear) pretends to be a well-established "Christian" geologist. The claims he makes in the video are very poorly justified, and sometimes even completely wrong, even though he insists that his "research" utterly "destroys" the Theory of Evolution. When faced with contrary evidence, he offers joking conjecture to refute it. The video was NOT taken at a major university, as is claimed by many viewers (who actually do not agree on the university in which it takes place), but was in fact taken in a mega-church. His story of giving a presentation at a major university, and also of participating in and carrying out studies at Kansas State University, actually fail to be historically verified. Some of the pictures in his "evidence" presentation are clearly photo-shopped, while others are very poorly displayed, and yet others are simply incomplete or inconsistent with the accompanying statements in the talk. Even some of the other "experts" he cites in his presentation talk are people who, well, never actually existed. The presenter has no credibility, and the video is junk. Even the person(s) who posted the video calls them self "slaves4christ"... boy, that sounds so upbeat and wonderful, don't it? The second... although it uses terms designed to make it sound scientific, it does not follow any proper standards for the writing of abstracts, references, etc... I should know, I have edited/published a couple of scientific papers in my time. Furthermore, the references from scholars in the actual field do not offer any evidence of any kind, or validation thereof, but only conjecture that the condition of evidence AS DESCRIBED by the authors would call Evolution into serious question. And, you know, I would think that most people would know that a CT-scan procedure does not consist of a series of "800 X-rays". Stupid... this is just as much a piece of intellectual garbage and foolery as the video is, just not quite as pretty or colorful. What is extra funny is that these two pieces of "information" actually reference... each other! LOL!!!

117. bolaG

Posts: 468; Member since: Aug 15, 2011

Wow, you just completely killed his references.Your guys' debate is very entertaining to read during my down time at work. You have a great amount of education and experience by the looks of it. I enjoy reading your post. Lets see if Peter can come back from this one haha

122. hepresearch unregistered

Well, you can never put enough nails in a coffin to keep it closed forever...

123. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

religious ferver can unbind any nail to a person that believes strong enough.. evidence or not.

125. hepresearch unregistered

religious fervor of a truly negative variety, that is... a true seeker of truth has an open mind, but will also bind themselves to absolute truth when they come upon it. And as for faith, is serving others in the community, and having love for people, not an act of great faith? It is the same as the faith that drives the scientist to research and experiment... serving others, and loving my neighbors, is my ongoing experiment, and has become my desire as I have come to know of the truth of the principle of love and service through the "evidence" of increased capacity to trust, to learn, to care and empathize, and to grow.

126. PeterIfromsweden

Posts: 1230; Member since: Aug 03, 2011

No, my references are not completely killed at all, they only tried to disprove it with lies. That's what evolutinists do, whenever they get proved wrong, they start bashing and saying every evidence is fake blah blah blah... If i'll do the same thing i'll simply say EVOLUTION NEVER HAPPENED, ALL YOUR EVIDENCE IS FAKE NEVER HAPPENED ! (after all evolution did not happen). There, now evolution is disproved ! : ) That's how remixfa is trying do disprove my evidence. That simply doesn't work. To disprove evidence you need to disprove it scientificly, not by bashing and saying it is fake when they have not even examined the evidence.

130. hepresearch unregistered

ummm... Pete, the references in the two links you posted were not "bashed" by any paper from the scholarly community that I am aware of, and I did not need to show you any "evidence" of any contrary principle... the problem is that the references in the two links did not need to be "bashed" at all; they collapsed under their own weight, my friend. The source (Dr. Whoever whose name I currently forget... who was speaking in the video...) pretty much exposed himself as a fraud without anyone having to try to hard to find out that his credentials were faked or non-existent, and he told stories to support his "research" that involved non-verifiable communications with known scholars, and even the mention of fake "fellow researchers" and fake "experts" alleged to be from other institutions. The problem is that you, Pete, have decided to take this stuff at face value, without questioning it, because these are the "experts" you have been taught to trust implicitly, and that anyone who tries to say otherwise MUST be wrong. All that said, it is never too late to start looking up this stuff for yourself... intellectual independence is a great skill, and as long as you live you still have the opportunity to give it a try. Kind of like a little experiment... it takes effort and work, but when was the last time you ever gained anything that was truly good without having to work for it? Pete, try your hand at a little independent research. You won't regret it, I promise.

52. stealthd unregistered

Yep, Apple isn't really facing enough competition to necessitate iPad 3 this year. Probably would have been good for sales for it to come out before Christmas but oh well.

103. Mooooo

Posts: 212; Member since: Aug 27, 2011

I am being mesmerized by his hypnotic smile. I can't resist I must spend my time in a tent overnight at my local mall for the new iphone. I must get a chain and wear the new iphone around my neck with apple emblem showing. lol

116. hepresearch unregistered

I'm going to get an Apple-emblem nose-ring for Steve to tie a rope through...
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