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Nexus X benchmarks confirm internals and that Android L is version 5.0

0. phoneArena posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:00

The news keeps coming quickly these days. We now know that the so-called Nexus 6 will most likely be called the Nexus X. We know that it is based on the Moto S (Shamu), meaning it has a 5.9-inch 1440x2560 (2K) display. And, we are getting evidence that Android L will be nicknamed Lemon Meringue Pie. Now, we're getting more info via benchmarks...

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posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:02 3

1. AJagtiani (Posts: 466; Member since: 24 Apr 2014)

Samsung should've made a Nexus. Lenovo errr... Motorola's phones aren't great.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:09 14

3. NexusPhan (Posts: 632; Member since: 11 Jul 2013)

They had they chance and it was a disaster. Never again.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:21 14

9. sipha (Posts: 439; Member since: 12 May 2012)

How was it a disaster??

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:29 11

12. Commentator (Posts: 3722; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

They received a lot of criticism for the processor they used in the G-Nex, and the Nexus-S was arguably the most forgettable Nexus yet.

I wouldn't exactly call them "disasters" but of the five Nexus phones so far, my personal two least favorite have been the Samsung ones.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:41 8

16. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Nexus S blew the competition in terms of speed thanks to the Hummingbird processor. The Galaxy Nexus brought the first HD screen to the market, but the LTE radios at the time,as in all phones released in 2011/2012, drained battery. Imo, they were great phones.

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 06:14 1

69. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3689; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

Really!? well Nexus S was outdated for the time, the competition was outing dual cores and better cameras, and Hummingbird was a chipset from the OG Galaxy S, a phone almost 8-9 months old.
Check this review
Regarding the Galaxy Nexus, yes it was a great phone, but TI OMAP 4 was inferior than Exynos.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 20:04 1

50. canucker78 (Posts: 4; Member since: 27 May 2014)

I think Ti was used to make the phone pentaband and was the only real option at the time.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 21:45 3

51. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

I think you have it confused with the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus S was a very popular phone, it was very smooth and responsive and the Super AMOLED display was excellent as well.

The Galaxy Nexus had a underpowered processor, a brand spanking new ICS UI that was clearly bugged and rushed out and needed time to fix the bugs, and again, one of the first few LTE devices and we all know how well the first few LTE phones were.

I think now with those problems gone and out of the way, Samsung would make an excellent Nexus phone.

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 06:17

70. NexusPhan (Posts: 632; Member since: 11 Jul 2013)

It was a disaster for a Nexus. It launched as two different phones with Verizon exclusivity in the US and a staggered launch to other carriers. A big no for a Nexus device. Then the phone had horrible build quality, a ton of issues with the screen (burn in and vertical lines from day one) and of course the bad battery life. Hardware inside started to fail early on. Then the software was abandoned after one year and had delayed updates for Verizon approval (LTE variant) It's still on 4.2 today. DISASTER.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 16:08

28. baldilocks (Posts: 831; Member since: 14 Dec 2008)

'They had they??'

English, please!

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 16:18 8

29. Commentator (Posts: 3722; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

Those were all English words, but I understand what you're trying to say. What I don't understand is why you're bothering to correct what is clearly a typo. It's pretty clear what he intended to say, so it's not like his gaffe detracted from his message.

(Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm bothering to criticize you over such a trivial matter, it's because I'm sitting on a toilet.)

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 18:22 1

42. 87186 (Posts: 295; Member since: 01 Aug 2014)

there is a difference between, english and improper english. stay on topic.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:40 2

15. mrmessma (Posts: 234; Member since: 28 Mar 2012)

I've been pretty happy with my wife's maxx, the camera isn't the best in low light but battery life, smoothness/speed, reception couldn't be better.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:45 1

17. BLUEBLASTER (Posts: 413; Member since: 23 Feb 2014)

The thing is the need to keep it cheap so they wont go crazy with the specs and also they don't want it to compete with their current flagships so they will make it less appealing.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 16:28 1

30. engineer-1701d (unregistered)

why does everyone believe the antutu on a device no one knows about nexus will not be a 5.9 screen its to close to tablet and no one would buy it but 10% of the normal buyer asia loves massive phones because they are little and think bigger is better but no phone should be over 5 inch.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 18:21 4

41. geordie8t1 (unregistered)

in your opinion a phone should not be over 5", but lets say in my view no phone should be UNDER 5" unless its a mid range feature phone, and as the fact often is, bigger usually is better Specs wise at least anyhow

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 23:56

53. engineer-1701d (unregistered)

You so wrong over 5 inch is not a phone that's bigger then the old moto phones from the ,90's

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 04:42

64. Ashoaib (Posts: 3229; Member since: 15 Nov 2013)

phone must be bigger than 5.3" bcoz its more easier to read and write

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 18:33 2

43. JGuinan007 (Posts: 692; Member since: 19 May 2011)

You re so very wrong no smartphone should be under 5.7 inch, once you use a smart phone this size you can't go back to anything smaller feature phones and dumb phone can be smaller

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 04:39

63. Ashoaib (Posts: 3229; Member since: 15 Nov 2013)

"asia loves massive phones because they are little"...

brother, do you have ever seen chinese, mogolians, japanese or koreans in reality? no you didnt, right? by no definition they are little... do you call 172cm to 190cm a little? thats the usual height of these people...

posted on 27 Aug 2014, 03:00

79. YourNickname (Posts: 127; Member since: 14 Aug 2014)

Chinese, mongolians(lol) , japs, kors ive seen in reality. Reality is theyre 150cm or less and im a giant walking amongst them. They have such extreme napolean complexes that its apart of their government agenda to increase hieght through growth hormones in food &/or just propaganda their claims.

Like you, brother. Extreme napolean complexes, brother.

Ps ok ive never seen a mongolian, but every docu and anthony bourdaine episode theyre all midgets next to him.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 17:31 5

38. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

What makes Motorola phones "not great?"

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 09:52

75. techspace (Posts: 1036; Member since: 03 Sep 2012)

Maybe that's because Motorola now belongs to Lenovo.....so it's not as popular as it used to be....they have to work hard to regain it's(Motorola's)lost glory.......

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 02:04 1

57. needa (Posts: 205; Member since: 30 Jun 2014)

i just want to sya here and now... i am so tired of the lenovo jokes/comments. comments like this were old and overused months ago. seriously... give it up.

the company name is motorola. the compny name is going to stay motorola. kinda like how kfc is not called taco bell. and how both of those companies are not called pepsi.

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 08:18 1

71. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

We want Sony nexus....

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 09:43

73. techspace (Posts: 1036; Member since: 03 Sep 2012)

Selling them at relatively lower prices won't be possible if Samsung makes them.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:08 4

2. TylerGrunter (Posts: 1543; Member since: 16 Feb 2012)

It´s actually quite common that phones with a new version of the OS score low on Antutu.
I has pretty much happened to the complete Nexus line. And doesn´t mean a thing, just that Antutu is not performing well on that version (yet)
Some months later Antutu puts a version for that Android Version and that solves the issue.

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:12 6

4. Antimio (Posts: 313; Member since: 11 Nov 2013)

I don't want a 5.9" display!!!! I just can't!

posted on 25 Aug 2014, 15:46 4

18. MichaelHeller (Posts: 2720; Member since: 26 May 2011)

Luckily, you can purchase any number of other devices that won't have such a big screen, like the Moto X+1, or the HTC One Google Play edition

posted on 26 Aug 2014, 09:47

74. techspace (Posts: 1036; Member since: 03 Sep 2012)

you can, but a nexus is a nexus :D

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