Nexus 8 is real, powered by Tegra processor, and is coming during Google I/O

Just the other day, a "mystery" tablet on the Google I/O site was thought to be the Nexus 8 tablet. Unfortunately, it was an earlier image of the Nexus 10. This wasn't the first time that the mythical Nexus 8 slate was thought to have made an appearance in a Google ad. Last November, a strange looking tablet was used in a Google promo. We thought it might be the Nexus 8. Whatever it was, Google felt threatened enough to change the image on the promo to the Nexus 7...
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55. Totse2k15

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Already have my heart set for the Galaxy Tab S AMOLED 8.4". Not a fan of Nvidia/Tegra anyway. Gl Nexus 8.
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