Nexus 5 likely coming with an OIS camera

Optical Image Stabilization is great. It's always there for you, and it can mean the difference between an unwatchable 'action' sequence and a clip that's actually enjoyable...
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21. darkskoliro

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2300mah kills it for me :\

23. Kitkat_4.4

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22. marshalmin

Posts: 5; Member since: Sep 13, 2013

I still believe that Motorola is still making nexus 5

33. xmusicianguy

Posts: 96; Member since: Jul 13, 2011

If that's the case it will lauch with a S4 Snapdragon 400 processor, 2 GB RAM and their RGBC Camera. The G2 OIS is amazing. Makes my GS4 look like crap! Motorola is horrible with "catching up with the times"! After having EVERY Verizon Motorola phone released I realized that. Went to Samsung!

24. JMartin22

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Some aspects of this Nexus phone is going to be watered down. Simply because LG doesn't want it to overshadow their more profitable LG G2 handset, as opposed to letting Google's cheap, subsidized off-contract phone taking the staring wheel.

32. mrmessma

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Considering Michael J Fox has come to terms publicly and has a sense of humor about his sad impairment, he should be in a commecial advertising the OIS.

34. xmusicianguy

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The G2 is going to make the OIS the new "Megapixel" in terms for the usual consumer. Megapixels mean NOTHING if the image is blurry and grainy at high zoom! DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) is OK (the GS4 has it) but it's NO OIS!

37. kpuk1

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You see - the doubt I have is based on all the past rumours always turning out to be over-optimistic. We've heard before of amazing cameras, wrap-around screens, incredible batteries, massive RAM, etc. and when the real thing comes out, it's almost always a bit of a disappointment. The Nexus range has never been ground-breaking and is desired by those who want that pure Android experience and prompt updates. I'm one of those. I would very much love a Nexus device to be launched at the high-end of specs. so that its lifetime is maintained, not just by speed of OS updates, but also that its hardware is more durable. We'll need to wait & see, but I suspect the real device will have specifications somewhat under the more optimistic of those I've seen posted.
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