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News about the death of the HP TouchPad reaches the Fuhrer

0. phoneArena posted on 22 Aug 2011, 04:24

You might have heard about HP partially quitting on its $1.2 billion Palm investment, ditching the new born HP TouchPad and shifting the tectonic plates of the industry, but news has come to the fuhrer as well…

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posted on 22 Aug 2011, 04:59

1. xenover (Posts: 174; Member since: 27 May 2011)

:D Genious

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 05:14

2. Kevinvl16 (unregistered)

its not that fun if you can speak german, like i do.

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 05:50

4. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

My limited knowledge of German include (a) arbeit macht frei or (b) Hayden's deutschland ueber alles.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned comment, one can't but applaud the creativity of the video. It's humor and sometimes the humor won't work on some people.

It was funny because it was creative.

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 05:38 4

3. KEVlN (Posts: 83; Member since: 19 Aug 2011)

Poor Hitler

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 06:19

5. cyborg009 (unregistered)

the clip is good.. but movie was really sad !!

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 15:31

6. vvelez5 (Posts: 623; Member since: 29 Jan 2011)

Pure Win

posted on 22 Aug 2011, 17:22

7. scorpionreign (Posts: 8; Member since: 27 Dec 2008)

That was funny.

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