New report says Apple is working on two large-screened iPhone models with curved glass

A published report on Sunday cites someone familiar with Apple's plans who says that the Cupertino based tech titan is working on larger-screened versions of the Apple iPhone; according to this source, Apple is working on two new models, both of which could be released in the second half of next year. Both models are said to employ glass that curves downward at the edges...
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83. darkkjedii

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65. untouchable

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Curved glass??? the way Apple works I think that is reserved for iPhone 10.

77. Shinydesert

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I can already smell my new iPhone. I love it.

85. 9thWonderful

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i sure hope this is true...except for the flexible screen thing.

97. GoGoGalaxyNexus

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Apple calls it "Innovation"

101. kabhijeet.16

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Apple has not increased the size of iPhone bcoz if they increased the iPhone’s screen size, it would replace the iPads. They didn’t want that. They wanted EVERY single user to buy an iPhone , an iPad & a Macbook. So that users can use iPhone for calling/texting only & nothing more. If they want to surf web, they should use iPad coz its clumsy on small device. But here’s the catch. The iPad is juz a larger iPhone, Its limited & cannot serve as PC, so people have to buy Macbook also. Apple's strategy.... Now if they increase the iPhone's size, they will increase the size of iPads also.

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