New photos of Sony Ericsson Paris

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New photos of Sony Ericsson Paris
A month ago, photos showing a new Sony Ericsson phone, codenamed “Paris”, appeared on the Internet. Most of them were fuzzy and inconclusive, but today, sharper ones became available, showing the device in all its glory. The photos reveal a hybrid QWERTY keyboard, similar to the P1 and other previous models. Also, a 5-megapixel camera hidden under a protective cover, is clearly visible on the back of the phone.

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1. unregistered

SE rules the world!

2. unregistered

All I'm waiting for confirmation on is screen resolution (should be VGA) and frequency bands (unknown). Then I'll be able to decide what to buy.

3. unregistered

whats the size of its screen, is it bigger than the screen of P1i??

4. unregistered

It's been rumored at 2.8, and given these photos, I'd say that's definitely what it is. P1i is 2.6, I believe.

5. jjjjajjj unregistered

It has a 2.8 inches of VGA touch screen , HSDPA , WiFi & a-GPS. And it run Symbian UIQ 3.3 & loda from factor Oprah 9.5 Wap browser it Supposed to be announced in the next two weeks .

6. unregistered

GPS & aGPS. GPS reciever is NavLink. Google Maps and Wayfinder 7 is bundled.

7. unregistered

ugly...the diamond is better looking all around with a more original and stunning design....that dpad looks like something out of an old motorola and those talk and end keys should have been concealed it the front piece as touch buttons or clickable looks cheap....and that key board....i had a p1 and it was horrible to text never get used to the key....a full qwerty with small keys would have been better....and it looks cheap to top it off....the only thing this phone has is the 5 meg waiting for the x1 or the rapheal

9. cloud unregistered

u had p1i but never get used to its qwerty keyboard?? u make me makes u look like a horrible texter...i only found difficulties with my p1i keyboard for 2-3 days only...then after a week i already can type it faster than on my w810 n on my mother's typical nokia

8. unregistered

the keypad doesn't compliment P5's over-all look

10. oko unregistered

Does anyone know if it will be a quad-band phone at last? That's was the only reason I did not buy P1.

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