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New images of HTC One Max leak; Hi-Res shots cover the entire phone

0. phoneArena posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:18

One of the most eagerly awaited phones at the moment is the HTC One Max; we have seen numerous pictures of the device leak, and basically we are talking about a phablet-sized version of the HTC One with a fingerprint scanner added on the back. In addition, the power button on the HTC One Max is in a different location (now on the right side along with the volume controls) and the Beats logo has disappeared since HTC sold back its remaining stake in the company...

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posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:25 12

2. abhi12345 (Posts: 14; Member since: 16 Sep 2013)

1. no microsd
2. no removable mattery
3. no s800 processor
4. 4mp camera only
5. costlier than note 3

utter flop.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:47 21

8. Martin_Cooper (Posts: 1615; Member since: 30 Jul 2013)

1. Most of users dont care. Look at the best selling smartphone since 2008. No SD. Also google seems to not like SD, check google nexus. You are in the minority. Deal with it.
2. Would be cool to have but all phones with non removable batteries perform better. Plus no retarded users that buy cheap Chinese batteries and destroy their phones.
3. Yes cause HTC ONE sh-itter cpu performs quite well, I can only imagine 600 will perform even better, Plus HTC doesn't fill up the phone with bloatware like samsung does so HTC's are usually light on that side.
4. If you are referring to mega pixels only then go hide in a cave. Its a commonly known that mega pixels dont make a camera a good one. There are 4-5 years old DLSR with 10mp that perform better than new 24mp ones. Its all about optics, sensor, software and how you utilise all of that together. Please tell me how many images have you printed on anything larger than A4.
5. No one has mentioned any kind of pricing. Are you on dope or something? Its definitely going to be same price as NOTE3 or cheaper cause of money saved on cpu etc.

I see samsung has trained you sheeps very well to make anything non samsung to be sh-it.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:14 6

26. papss (unregistered)

The only part I don't agree is in the camera department...at 4 mp it's an instant fail in that regards. As it is the HTC one comes pretty close to last in pic comparisons. It's just lazy of HTC to put this in the new max. With that being said I hope I'm wrong.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:42 2

30. darkkjedii (Posts: 25052; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

+10! Wowwww MC you brought it with this post. Well said dude. Really loved the last 17 words you typed. Post of the day nominee.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:35 2

16. imkyle (Posts: 1087; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Nexus 4.

S4 Pro (2012 chip)
720 display
non removable battery
no expandable storage

Specs aren't everything. My device still has little to no lag. and I am not even rooted.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:59 2

22. jacko1977 (Posts: 428; Member since: 11 Feb 2012)

u forget crappy blinkfeed

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 15:22 7

34. papss (unregistered)

I like blindfeed and love sense.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 17:03 1

39. Shatter (Posts: 2036; Member since: 29 May 2013)

Blinkfeed is a ripoff of flipboard.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 18:06 7

43. papss (unregistered)

Who cares... it's still a great integrated software feature.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:26 1

3. Thomas032 (Posts: 4; Member since: 18 Dec 2010)

Let's find out... 1.. 2.. just 2 drops.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:31 7

5. jove39 (Posts: 1978; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

phone looks good and front speakers are very useful.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 12:32

6. ChafedBanana (Posts: 394; Member since: 20 Sep 2011)

Since HTC sold back its remaining stake in the company, does this mean that the phone will NOT have Beats audio? Also, do we think that the speakers will be any louder than The One being that the Max is a bigger phone?

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:06 5

11. uchihakurtz (Posts: 404; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

I feel like this phablet is a little over-hyped, I just didn't get the same vibe like I did from Note 3, Z1, Z Ultra, etc..

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:12

12. Epicness1o1 (Posts: 280; Member since: 30 May 2013)

Wou no beats logo?And whats that on the 11th pic?

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:14

25. a22matic (Posts: 17; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Yeah, what is that switch?

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 17:22

41. Bseagull (Posts: 2; Member since: 13 Oct 2013)

Most likely it's for the removable back. That, or HTC really did something cool and made a dedicated silence toggle switch. Probably the former, though, because otherwise it would require the back plate to have a thumb spot to take off the back, which would look cheap and sacrifice some durability.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 17:41

42. a22matic (Posts: 17; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Ah, never thought it could be for the removable back...

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:36

17. Dastrix (unregistered)

Damn, that looks hot! I hope it's not overpriced like the other flagships from HTC.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:42 1

18. bnick25 (Posts: 38; Member since: 05 May 2013)

My friends htc one front plate by camera poping up its a issue

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 13:59 2

21. Danishs (Posts: 147; Member since: 23 May 2013)

I see gaps

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 17:21 1

40. Bseagull (Posts: 2; Member since: 13 Oct 2013)

It's got a removable back. That's also what the little switch on the side is for, too, most likely.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:00 1

23. newbey123 (Posts: 639; Member since: 19 Mar 2012)

That is a whole lot of hotness wrapped up in a phone! So the glad the beast is here! Can't wait to pick mine up!

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:17 1

27. MistB (Posts: 581; Member since: 07 Jul 2012)

Looks good, obviously a bigger One Mini but the fingerprint scanner will be the one thing that sets this apart from say the Z Ultra and other phablets that don't have an S Pen. Just wished it had the S800 for the European and US Markets but the 600 is still zippy enough for everyday usage, gaming probably not so much.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:18

28. matrix_neo (Posts: 334; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

HTC one hasn't able to save the company from it's turmoil. I doubt this Max can save also. What HTC should do is best marketing plan, listen to the needs of its customers, produce more cheaper phones without compromising the design, sd card slot and removable battery and most of all, all phones should be available for all regions.

Mostly people here in our place knows Samsung galaxy phones, iPhones, Nokia, and Sony phones. I don't even see a single HTC phone. They should follow Samsung' s strategy, whether they like it or not to keep them in smartphone business.

I like HTC also but it's damn too expensive, I'll skip it, rather choose Sony or LG.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:19

29. papss (unregistered)

I'm pretty interested in the finger scanner. I wonder what all it does besides the obvious. If priced right I don't even care if the processor is the s600 but the camera is a huge knock against it imo

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:43

31. darkkjedii (Posts: 25052; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

But what if the camera is really good papss

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 14:55 1

32. papss (unregistered)

If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it. Like I said way above, I hope I'm very wrong.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 15:43 1

37. darkkjedii (Posts: 25052; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

+1 cameras are kinda hit and miss.

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 21:52

44. pyradark (Posts: 884; Member since: 10 Jun 2012)

Z ultra still the biggest slimmest water/dust resistance powerful phabet
too bad with avetage battery!! still i love it

posted on 13 Oct 2013, 21:52 2

45. ZPM101 (Posts: 28; Member since: 12 Apr 2010)

I will be owning this!

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