New iPhone application makes it easier to type e-mails

New iPhone application makes it easier to type e-mails
One of the common complaints of the iPhone is that you cannot actively switch from a portrait keyboard to a landscape keyboard - the type of keyboard in the application is determined by the software. This was a problem for several users, however it has been resolved with the launch of TouchType. When the application is opened, you get a landscape mode keyboard. When the e-mail is typed and the send button is pressed, it auto-populates the e-mail application.

The application costs .99, and can be found at Apple's App Store.

Source: TechCrunch



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For the price of a coke or a smoke I could keep alive some hungry eyes, cause in the end we watch it pile so tall to one big nothing, one big nothing at all.

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why do we have to pay for this ??? IMO apple should distribute this free. because its fault in their OS that they didnt want to correct

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Hahahahha, apple wants your money and thats it hahha. They want you to buy from their online stores and its working i guess!!! Thats lame. I am glad other companies are coming out with some great touch screen phones.

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Just one more way for Apple to reach into everyone's pockets. That's the problem with our economy. Stupid citizens. People who have no priorities and are stupid enough to continue to make companies like Apple rich. The rich get more rich while the poor get more poor. Steve Jobs can rott.

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Put a sock in it Moderator..

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