New Samsung music CDMA phone

New Samsung music CDMA phone

Information about Samsung SCH-A950 appeared today on the FCC website. The phone is CDMA dual-band clamshell with megapixel camera and Bluetooth. It is music-oriented and features stereo speaker and music player. There is a scroll-wheel key on the front (resembling Apple iPod) and some other music dedicated keys for fast navigation. Music files can be recorded on the Trans-Flash card and can be listened to through the speakers or (Bluetooth) headset.
Main features:

  • CDMA

  • Bluetooth

  • Trans-Flash card slot

  • 1.2 mega pixel camera

  • Stereo speakers

  • Clamshell design with music dedicated keys

The manual briefly mentioned "GET it Now" capabilities, which mean that the phone will probably released from Verizon Wireless.




New Samsung music CDMA phone


Samsung SCH-A950 front with music dedicated keys                 
New Samsung music CDMA phone



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