New Press Images of the LG Decoy VX8610

New Press Images of the LG Decoy VX8610
Four new press images were spotted this week showing the LG Decoy VX8610 in all its glory. The most interesting feature of the Decoy is the inclusion of a built-in Bluetooth earpiece,which is detachable from the back. It is also a slider phone, sportinga QVGA display and a unique joystick for menu navigation. Last month, we learnedthat the Decoy was scheduled for a May 30th launch, but may have been pushed back until the first half of June.

source: EngadgetMobile



1. Chickenmother'sfather'sbrother unregistered

so excited

2. unregistered

sorry, but this fun looks ugly

4. unregistered

yes, this fun does look ugly. i personally like this fun. or should i say phone. i don't see what so ugly about it. the PHONE looks like it would be FUN to play around with. specially that headset

12. unregistered

OK. Seriously, if you're going to correct someone else's spelling ang grammar - and, yes, that guy is an idiot - at least make sure your grammar is correct.

3. YABANALAgA unregistered

i wonder how much the bluetooth earpiece sticks out it is pretty ugly though.... surprising since it comes from lg

5. unregistered

This phone isn't that bad looking. It, like comment 4 said, does look fun to play with. It is also something unique, and different, instead of just another slider phone. I can't wait till it comes out so I can check it out. It looks sweet!

6. unregistered

I love the look of the main menu, and I'm sure the rest of the phone will look just as cool. I can't wait for this to come out. I'm getting it the first day!

7. VzwEmp unregistered

its the same menu as in the new Env2. Guess they are finally sprucing up their line

8. unregistered

I like the colors...too many of VZW's phones have black and red color themes already...I like this phone, it looks like a nice difference from other phones.

9. unregistered

It's not the best looking phone, but it's not that bad lookin' either. LG will probably release more colors for it later, like they did with some of their other models. It would be nice to have different color at release but, who cares? As long as it works well. I don't care if it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen if the service on it is horrible. The added BT earpiece was a nice touch.

10. unregistered

if the bluetooth ear piece sticks out, and you don't plan to need use it for a while, it would be nice if they include a rubber piece that fits into its place so that the area doesn't get damaged.

11. unregistered

Yeah i thought of that too. I really hope there is a little peice of plastic that slides over the bluetooth earpiece area if you're someone who doesn't use that. I just wish the earpiece didnt stick out so much.

13. unregistered

june 2nd is when the verizon red dot deals ends so im guessing june 3rd is the release date

14. I like this Fun (phone idiot) unregistered

This fun, or as the normal people say, phone, is very nice looking. I wonder if this phone will be fun! By the way, what color will this phone be? Will it be Silver or Black?

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