New PJs can track your baby's trends, text you alerts

New PJs can track your baby's trends, text you alerts
From the "news of the weird" department, a Virgina-based company has created a washable fabric that contains conductive fibers which can monitor your baby's heart rate, emotional state and behavior.  With the data gathered by these pajamas and input from caregivers, the provided software can learn trends about your baby and predict their emotional state or tell you when a diaper needs to be changed.  Alerts can be sent via email or text, and a smartphone app allows parents to see real-time data about their baby's heart rate, emotional state and activity level.

While this all may sound like overkill, the monitoring does play a very important role in the prevention of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) which is the company's original purpose.  Unfortunately, the $1,000 pricetag (which includes 6 months of monitoring) will likely make this promising bit of tech cost prohibitive for most families.

Source: exmobaby via Textually


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