New Nokia N95 firmware available

New Nokia N95 firmware available
Yesterday, Nokia released a new v21.0.016 firmware update for its N95 (the European, not the U.S. variant). According to the Symbian gurus, this is “a major firmware and well worth installing”. First and most important, Flash Lite 3 is included, so any flash video embedded in a site (such as YouTube for example) can be played directly. It was high time, since the second generation N95 (the 8GB variant) received this feature back in January. Standalone Widgets are now possible, thanks to the Web runtime included. As expected, the upgrade includes tweaks and bug-fixes to known problems. It also optimizes the system performance, resulting in faster Java application starts, and speedier gallery.

Everything required for the upgrade is available on the Nokia site.

source: AllAboutSymbian



1. Joe unregistered

The US variant the n95-3 has not received a firmware update in over 6 months while the n95-1 has had 3 and the n95-2 has had 2...DON'T BUY THE US VARIANT as it seems Nokia will not support it....WHY NOKIA?

2. danilo unregistered

All well and good for the Nokia N95... However, I am using the Nokia E90 communicator. Since both models run on the same OS versions, I hope Nokia could also come-up with a firmware with the same embedded youtube for the Nokia E90 - a device heavily promoted for widescreen internet browser experience.

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